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Climate Warming Could Cost Washington State Tens of Millions a year.

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posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 08:35 PM

A warming climate could cost Washington governments and businesses
tens of millions of dollars every year in drought-stricken crops, forest
fires and tightened water supplies, according to a new state study.

It is the first such analysis illuminating how rising temperatures and
shifting snow patterns could ripple through the economy.

Yakima Valley farmers could experience more crop losses as snow-
pack declines.
Forest fires could double in size, driving up the costs of fighting them
and hurting tourism.
Dairies in Whatcom County might produce less milk. Cities, including
Seattle, could spend millions more on water conservation or expand
their water-storage dams.
More than 50 square miles of Washington land could wind up under-
water if sea levels rise two feet.

"The impacts we found are significant," said Bob Doppelt, director of
the University of Oregon's Climate Leadership Initiative, which led
the study. "But we also think they're manageable."

The $100,000 study was funded by public money and a grant from
the Energy Foundation, a coalition of groups interested in environ-
mental issues.
The research was overseen by a panel of scientists and state officials.

Seattle Times

Many people don't think about what the effect of Global Warming/
Climate Change will be for themselves, indeed many people see
it as something that will only effect people who live on the water
and in the tropics.

However, as can be seen here, GW/ClCh is'nt something that will
only effect a certain portion of the world, but as can be seen it will
effect places that are totally landlocked.

This personally efects me, as it's the state I live in.

Comments, Opinions?

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 08:37 PM
Yes is going to be repercussions coming from the change of climate, but people right now do not care because the temperatures are so comfortable for them.

Even our food chain will be altered.


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