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china troop build up in mexico

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posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 07:24 AM
ok, i want info on the chinese troop buildup that may be going on in mexico, anyone know anything about this? would love to see some pics

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posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 07:42 AM
Are you for real?

Theres no such thing as a Chinese troop build-up in Mexico..

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 07:44 AM
here something....just did a google

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 07:49 AM

90,000 Red Chinese Troops On US Border?

From: info

“RedDawn” Scenario:

90,000 Red Chinese Troops on US Border?

For those who doubt the story below, I have more information to back up it up. To summarize what the Red Chinese have already done in preparation for the invasion: --Robert

1) Chinese front companies control port facilities on both ends of the Panama Canal. 2) It is not without strategic significance that China is building the largest container port on earth in the Bahamas. The Chinese interest in gaining footholds in the Western Hemisphere is related to a clearly developed plan in which Chinese troops have the main responsibility for occupying strategic ground. According to Col. Lunev, a high-ranking KGB defector, the Russian-Chinese war plan calls for Russian forces to occupy “Alaska and parts of Canada” while the Chinese would occupy the lower 48 states. In addition, certain Third World countries would be given “looting rights.” (Click on the link above for more details.)

Our Lady has warned that “Russia will utilize the manpower of China, as they make their thrust forward (3-26-83).” Dennis and Ann Bossack, hosts for a live internet broadcast on DNA LIVE RADIO, have spoken to two US Border Patrol agents who have told them that they encountered Chinese military (as many as 3 to 4,000 troops) fifteen (15) miles north of the US-Mexican border several times between August, 2002-January, 2003. They wore “desert camouflage” uniforms, what appeared to be Kevlar helmets, carrying military style rifles, and every man they could see was armed with a sidearm. The agents stated that they would call headquarters, who in turn would call a local covert US Marine unit that wanders around the desert along the border in this area. The Marines would then meet the Border Patrol agents, talk with the Chinese officers, slap backs and shake hands. Then the Chinese would about-face and return south across the border.
Dennis reports, “I believe these men because I have looked into their eyes and I have seen their fear. I have heard their voices quivering as they tell me what they’ve encountered. Their body language shows fear. They have told me that they fear for their lives and the lives of their families and fellow countrymen.”

And, from:

We find the more info. Check out the info there, part of which says:

It is my experience, from talking with U.S. military experts, that they have not done their homework with regard to Soviet or Chinese war plans. Instead of carefully reading Russian military texts or listening to the testimony of Col. Lunev, U.S. strategists are blinded by their own preconceptions. They refuse to think creatively about nuclear war. They fail to see how nuclear weapons might be used to clear a path for a new type of conventional fighting supported by logistical innovations. Who needs heavy, difficult-to-supply divisions when masses of light troops, living off the land, are all that is needed in the wake of nuclear and biological attacks? But U.S. strategists have not considered the possibilities. They have not looked closely into the logic of Chinese and Russian force structure, weapons developments and logistical preparations. They have not considered the Chinese use of shipping companies, port facilities and the appropriation of key logistical gateways under the cover of peacetime trade.

....Americans should know that the penetration of U.S. port facilities by Chinese entities is ultimately grounded in military science, not commercial greed. Last summer a CIA source confirmed that 22 Chinese freighters off-loaded a large quantity of military supplies in Mexico. What is this all about?

...In August 1998 I asked Col. Lunev if China allied with Russia could defeat the U.S. His answer was an unequivocal "yes." Given that Lunev's training teaches that victory is impossible without occupying the ground, his answer can only suggest one thing. Chinese troops on U.S. soil is not far-fetched at all.

and from the following site: , we find the following info:

FROM: James t.
DATE: Thursday, January 30, 2003 11:35 AM
TO: Dennis
SUBJECT: Foreign troops martial law plan


I had a lengthy conversation with veteran police officer, Jack McLamb, yesterday about the coming invasion on America. I asked Jack if he knew of any Chinese, Russian, Cuban troop buildup along the border. His response was " Yes". Jack stated that according to his military sources, there are indeed foreign troops along the border, but not in the numbers that have been reported in panic on the internet. However, the number of troops is still large, and disturbing.

His military contacts have told him that they are not so concerned with the troops along the border as they are with the hundreds of thousands of foreign troops that are stationed at this moment at our military bases around the country who will be called out to "help and assist us during martial law" after the next terrorist attack.

We talked about "Dyncorp" the front company for the UN peacekeeping missions who are offering our police officers $85,000.00 to $96,000.00 a year to resign from their police departments, and go overseas as UN peace keepers. Jack agreed that all this was part of the plan to send all of our military and police officers out of the country, and turn our nation over to United Nations. He then told me to "watch and count the troops that are being deployed overseas" as that will be signalling for the final takeover and open the door to the "foreign assets" that we have been promised.

Now, something extremely important: Jack laid out the plan that will be used against the citizens of the United States during Martial law, and here it is. When the next terrorist attack occurs, the foreign troops will be deployed, and the cities will be sealed off, along with the suburbs. However, the government has adopted a new policy to "Not deploy troops to the rural areas". The reason? They are going to allow the riots and the masses from the cities, illegal immigrants, street gangs, looters, thieves, motorcycle gangs, etc., to leave the cities and the suburbs, to go out and rape, pillage, kill, rob and steal from the families that live out in the rural areas and the farming communities.

They have calculated this with their think tanks, and have come to the conclusion that the hoards of killers will return to the cities after wiping out entire countrysides, in about a year to be fed and taken care of because they are not trained in survival techniques, and won't be able to care for themselves. In short, the families who live in the rural areas will be left on their own, with no protection whatsoever. It is my guess that most of the local police officers will scurry home to their families to protect their own, as any sound mind would do the same thing. Jack said that it was imperative for people to start uniting in their communities to form a plan for the coming battles against these mobs.
I'll forward anything else that I receive on this.

don't know if i'm for real...just looking for info

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 07:55 AM
All I know is, if this scenario ever took place. We'd be eating a lot of Chinese take-out.

Seriously, you'd think Mexico would say something, unless China promised them their precious Aztlan back to them. Maybe Canada is in on it as well. They would take the Northern states we don't like anyways...

Wow. Could prove interesting if some truth is found.

EDIT: found this site whilst Googling...
This guy adds Cubans and North Koreans to the mix.

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posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 07:57 AM
here's a column regarding the build up link


posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 08:28 AM
at least we know for a fact the chinese have invaded just about everything you buy.

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 10:02 AM
*rolls around laughing*

Oh man, i dont even know where to begin laughing.

The concept is ludicrous, 90,000+ chicoms need an enormous logistical chain that would not go unnoticed by anyone.

Well this is a prime example of facts being the enemy of the "truth"

Notice how theres a complete lack of evidence other than hearsay and general hoo-ahh'ing

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posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 10:04 AM
o crap thats gonna suck when it happens, im gonna start investing in weapons and maybe a small tank

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 02:02 PM
Doesnt sound to be believable!
I havent searched through all the links but I agree that 90.000 troops being mobilized this very instance would be a lot more publasized!

It would fear me if true - thats alot of troops!

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 02:24 PM
China has something more important to do..

Like Taiwan.. and those islands on China Sea..
(what ever were they called as..)


But dont worry,

Theyll invade and violate you soon after those are done..

[Edited on 13-12-2003 by FULCRUM]

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by Todeskopf
I was just checking some news sites, and ran across this quite by accident....Mexican troops cross US border, capture American family

~Geeze look at this link. It's totally white power. What is VNN anyway? Some bootleg version of CNN? LOL hilarious.

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 02:47 PM

Originally posted by Jeffrey

Originally posted by Todeskopf
I was just checking some news sites, and ran across this quite by accident....Mexican troops cross US border, capture American family

~Geeze look at this link. It's totally white power. What is VNN anyway? Some bootleg version of CNN? LOL hilarious.

You do realize that Mr.Todeskopf here is a Nazi?

Giving us links for Whites only boards..

And uses as his Nick the name of organisation that was responssible for guarding concentration camps..

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 02:51 PM
The thought of this absurd, I'm sure that this would have been leaked out someway in the media if there were anything plausible about it, just not true!

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by tracer
The thought of this absurd, I'm sure that this would have been leaked out someway in the media if there were anything plausible about it, just not true!

I think that US had invaded Mexico rather than Iraq if this was true..

Anyways these white power people get quite funny ideas in there states..

I once saw a documentary that told about these people..

They actually belived that there were CIS (Ex-Soviet..) troops occupying parts of US and killing US civilians..

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 02:59 PM
~That's so funny I mean, something this simple would of easily shown up on the 11 o'clock news. I haven't heard of anything like this on the news. Have you? That nazi VNN site are a bunch of chain pullers! Yet again the chain pullers.

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 03:02 PM
The US would probably be the hardest nation in the world to take in a land war, thanks to the second amendment. At some point, they would have to take the mid-west, which consits of hunters, red necks, NRA advocates, and Chicago. Every single street they would go down, every field, every house, there would be shots from snipers. After all, hunting teaches us how to be an effective sniper. And most of these hunters would lay down their lives for this great nation, I know I would.

A land war in the US is infeasable, and destined to fail. The enemy would have to have the capabilities to take out all of our air forces, because the US has dominated the air since WWII, and since 9-11, I've seen F-16s flying sorties over the chicagoland area, in mid land US. China could not win. They could try, but they could not win.

Interesting finds, though...

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 03:09 PM
You guys are really think the U.S. would let China build up an Army on its' borders without doing anything about it? You think the U.S. would let 90,000 foreign troops into it through Mexico?

Verdict: Bogus

(That is a racist site too..that site about the Mexican government taking 5 U.S. citizens...weird that the Mexicans did that too..)

Anyways, lol I actually literally was laughing out loud at this one


posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 03:11 PM
Both Russia and China have more heavy weapons than US.. more by very large margin..
(Mortars, Horwitzers, field cannons/guns, MRLS and battlefield BMs..)

Look at Grozny today..

Chechenya was also full of people willing to defend 'their land'..

Russians just bombarded living shyte out of them and anything worth of defending..

Until there were no defenders left or anything worth of defending left..

There werent many buildings left standing.. and none undamaged..

But dont worry, they have no plans to invade you.. yet anyways.. and also they dont have the logistic capability to even attempt such a invasions as of now.. in future they will.. and India also..

But even this doesnt mean that they will try to invade USA, that only means that in the future USA must start to treat them as equals..

And respect them..

posted on Dec, 13 2003 @ 06:44 PM
i was just asking for proof, i think it's bogus too

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