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Gwynn, Ripken elected to Hall of Fame; McGwire vetoed

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posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 06:20 PM
Glad too see that McGwire didnt make it.
Cheating is cheating,period.
And if Pete Rose cant be in the HOF,than neither should anyone
who abused steroids.
I also hope the voting board continues with this,when Barry Bonds comes up.

But enough of the cheaters,Congrats to Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken!

(ESPN)-NEW YORK -- Mark McGwire fell far short in his first try for the Hall of Fame, picked by 23.5 percent of voters, while Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. easily gained baseball's highest honor

Tarnished by accusations of steroid use, McGwire appeared on 128 of a record 545 ballots in voting released Tuesday by the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

Ripken was picked by 537 voters and appeared on 98.53 percent of ballots to finish with the third-highest percentage behind Tom Seaver (98.84) and Nolan Ryan (98.79).

Gwynn received 532 votes for 97.61 percent, the seventh-highest ever, also trailing Ty Cobb, George Brett and Hank Aaron.


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