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Ideas for Easy to make kit

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 10:56 PM
I need help making a survival kit incase something happens were I live (Which might be soon) I already have food and water (with purification) settled but I need to know what I would need in a container I could just keep under my bed.
Could you help me out please?

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:06 PM
This list was posted by undo in another thread. I thought it was a good reference. Get the essentials out of that list and you should be right.

It is the list i am going off to make my kit, which is about half done


Oatmeal (arguably one of the most complete foods)

Honey (among other things, when it gets old and crystallizes, simply reheat and wallah, honey again. It is also useful for various maladies, if local honey, such as seasonal allergies related to the area of residence. Applied topically may Help with diabetic related wounds and sores that are antibiotic resistant. A natural sweetner. Tastes yummy.)

Granola Bars (handy, healthy, long shelf life)

Dehydrated Coconut Flakes (organic. the list of things that coconut is good for is very long)

Dehydrated Blueberries (really useful in areas where thyroid function could be comprised by toxins like fallout dust)

Reconstituted Lemon Juice (it's multipurpose)

Garlic (raw, not capsulized, which means having to turn it over in your stockpile)

Apple Cider Vinegar (read up on it. pretty cool stuff)

Green Tea (lots of antioxidants)

Olive Oil (good stuff)

Trail Mix


Whiskey (pain relief, tranquilizer, even as a disinfectant, mouth wash and so on)

Echinacea (for those who are not allergic to coneflowers or don't have an auto-immune disease, this is an excellent immune system stimulant for fighting off colds and viruses)

Benadryl (among other things, this counteracts allergic responses of various kinds and also acts on the nervous system like a sedative)

Milk Thistle Capsules (helps the liver remove toxins from body, really important in a survival scenario)

Acidophilus capsules (restores natural flora of the digestive tract and intestines frequently lost from flus, poor diet, antibiotics, diahrrea, and massive yeast infections)

SEA SALT (organic, please - no salt tabs or iodized salt. the raw crystal form is best. this is a must must must have. and the larger the crystals of salt, the better. not block salt, but crystals about a quarter of the size of a hershey's kiss, smaller is okay but not too small. the best varieties are celtic sea salt and himalayan crystal salt. not only does this marvellous stuff preserve food, it also is an anti-parasitic, fights dehydration, has a good helping of magnesium, softens water, can be added to bath for relaxation, can relieve constipation, also relieves swelling in mucus membrane (think the lining of throat and digestive tract) and has been known to solve dental problems, colds and many obscure diseases. pop a crystal in your mouth once a day. good stuff. tastes weird at first, but really good for you in the long run (just omit other table type salt from diet). a brine can be created with water and drank over the course of the day for serious maladies and is also useful as a mouth rinse mixed in warm water for sore gums, abscesses and so on)

Vitamin C (ester, preferably)

Vitamin B6 and B12

Calcium (oyster shell or coral, preferably)

Garlic (capsules, the kind that doesn't have the smelly stuff removed. you need the smelly stuff. that's what makes it good for you in the first place)

Enema Bag (gross yes, still important)

Procedural Face Masks (can be purchased at drug store, are really useful in many situations including for those with severe allergies, to protect against polluted air, to stave off passing viruses and diseases around, and etc).

Aspirin (as a blood thinner only)

Tylenol (for pain relief and fever reduction)

Ibuprofen (for pain relief and anti-inflammatory)

Odds and Ends

Loud whistle

Art kit with pens, pencils, crayons, magic markers, paints, modelling clay and paper, lots of paper (copier paper is the cheapest) (list of useful uses for an art kit can not be overemphasized)

Light sources that don't need batteries or sunlight, such as glo sticks.

Magnifying Glass (for starting fires, reading, investigating)

Cheap Chemistry kit with a microscope that doesn't need electricity to function

"Strike Anywhere" matches

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:47 PM
Are you looking for a big kit or small kit?

This is my setup for going mobile by car....

What I use for my "bug out" kit is three 25 gallon plastic storage trunks. (like at Home Depot). They fit in the back of my car.

If I have to abandon my car, I could fit all/most of #1 and some food/water into my large trekking backpack.

Contents of bug out kits:

#1 Outdoor, camping, hiking, survival, medical gear and tools. Obviously most of this stuff is of the compact variety--ie. 2 person super compact tent, thermarest, sleeping bag, heavy boots, first aid kit, poison ivy gel, athletes foot powder and foot relief kit, basic tools/knives/axe, bear coounter-assault pepper spray, fishing line, headlamp/flashlight, cutlery, matches/magnifier/firestarter/solid fuel cubes, rope, mini stove/fuel, wire saw, water sack and water purification.

#2 Food/liquids. Enough food to hold me for at least 3 months. 2 8lb bags of dry whey protein. Case of Pasta & rice. Dry oatmeal. Olive oil. Vitamins. Aspirin,flaxoil. Caffeine/yohimbe tablets. Peanut butter. Some canned goods. Honey. Chocolate bars. A few bottles of liquor. Case of water bottles. Case of Gatorade. Large container of electrolyte powder. Ground coffee with metal filter. About 100 tea bags. Liquid energy gel.

#3 Clothing, misc supplies and overflow from other containers. All other clothing I may need (light and heavy). Rags. A few random survival books. Plastic chess set and cards. Some tool-related things, small containers, themos, cups. Large and day backpacks.

I'd fill the remaining space in my car with my guitar, extra water,pillows and comforter and extra gasoline.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:58 PM
It doesn't need to be big, I also dontneed to worry about food or water. Just tools and things I will need. Thats all.

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 07:59 AM
As far as tools go. Get a multi tool, a half decent one is a must though. They are very compact and good for alot of things. A larger knife and and axe could also prove to be useful.

I am also planning my kit at the moment and my advice would be to make sure you can carry what you will need to get up and running in the wilds. By all means plan what you could fit into your car, but like the last poster make sure you know what you can grab and take with you if using your car is no longer an option.

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 09:20 PM
I just stumbled across this survival site. emergency kit

It has some really good ideas for buggin out.

How to modify a Ghurka Khukri
Wow, same site as above. This guy made some great mods to an inexpensive knife to make it perfect. I'm buying one soon.

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posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 10:50 PM
Thanks you guys! You are all so helpful on this forum.

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 06:40 AM
here is a list of stuff i thought would be useful in some/most stiuations. of corse weather you are talking rural/wilderness/or urban survival would make a lot of difference. the problem i had with most store bought kits is the stuff is junk a cheap flashlight might do you for a hour or so , mylar space blanket ,should with care last the night, but i thought a kit should be reuseable and have qulity stuff but as you can see it ain't cheap. you also have to know how to use the stuff, which means training which is the one tool you can't lose (well not quickly) note the number at the end of the item is the/a price.

survival kit list

gerber tracer headlamp 1aaa cs 16 4 pack battries lithium

maglight led minimaglight 2aa whs 18 8 packbattries lithium

survival tabs 15 day food supply st 28

gerber multi tool cs 40

victorinox swiss army knife cs 30

sog field pup knife cs 36

straight claw 16 oz hammer hws 10

wonder bar prybar hws 10

stanley 15-033 jab saw hws 10 assorted extra blades, wood metal, and carbide 2-5.00 2.50-5.00 each

multi-bit screwdriver hws 10

nuwick 120 hour candle cm 12

magnesium fier starter cm 7

water proof matches cm 4

fleece sleeping bag cm 30

all weather sports blanket cm 12

aqumira water treatment cm 11

nalgene 64 oz water bottle cm 10

2 nalgene 16 oz water bottle cm 14

oilcamp space saver cup cm 6

kwik-cook floding stove cm 7

soloist first aid kit cm 15

storm whistle cm 6

kelty basalt daypack cm 40

100 feet 550 paracord hws 10

total 392

cm = campmore
hws = hardware store
cs= cultery shoppe
st - survival tabs
google these sites for the info.

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