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the CIA and the world..over

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 06:49 PM
i am sure all of you know this but just to make shure this is what i have to
say by the way im only 13 but dont judge me by age.
the CIA is protecting us yes but they have resons to hide and cover up things as in the rosewell incident, area 51, the alien interviews,9/11,and nuclear information in forgien countrys and even some in our own back yards. but the reason they have to do this is to keep world order. the people dont own the goverment the goverment own the people and the CIA and the FBI own the goverment i dont think bush has any thing to do with 9/11 but i KNOW the CIA did. and i dont think bush is evil i just think he is really stupid and doesnt know whats going on and because of that he is screwing us over and the CIA is sitting back calling bush wrong and evil but its the CIA that keeps the secrets.
WE sHouldnt pull out of iraq and iran if we where it would result in nuclear war and it dosent really matter because the world is ending in a couple decades and i dont know if any ones ever thought of this but the quatrillions of gallons of oil and natural water used each day is hollowing the earth out and causing taverns and caves to form no to mention by burning the fossil fuels and green house gases where screwing over our selfs what ever way we go unless the triuph ferrie comes down and sprinkles al quada with happyness juice and anti evil fruits where screwed but the american people dont relize all of the cover ups around america and even in other countrys ill list some for your intrest

9/11,watergate,rosewell,alien interviews,area 51,sadam hussiens death,usama bin ladens freedom(he was arrested in brooklyn and now is dead),CIA controls of goverment,the giant squid,iraq life,FBI offical documents,president nixions enpeachment,the musical articals,behiend the goverment of 1776,the free masons, new technoloy is old technology. there is way more but this is all im going to list for now

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 06:54 PM
I'm going to mosey this here thread on over to the Skunk Works Forum since it has a broad scope of topics, and they appear to be entwined.

I'm also leaving a little reminder here for anyone who responds to this thread, just in case they aren't familiar with the ATS Skunk Works ground rules.

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Once again, welcome to ATS.

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