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The journey of a life time.

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 06:45 PM

I am currently in planning for my 3rd backpacking adventure.
this one, is the longest and most difficult trip to plan, mainly because im going to be utilisiing LAND based methods of travel rather than flight.

Ultimately this whole trip is based around a Book I am hoping to make.

So, please Id like as many comments as possible as to ensure my trip is filled with the best possible adventures that only natives, or visitors know.

firstly, I will be heading through to Indonesia.
-Bali specifically, to investigate the sites of the horrific bombings.
-Upwards to Banda Aceh, to document how the recovery is going from the tsunami.
-Over to Camboida to document pol pots days, and to see the temples before the ocean destroys them.
-Over to Vietnam, Siagon, Ho Chi Min and all the specific Vietnam landing and battle zones.
-Through Northern Vietnam up to HongKong.
- Following the coastline upwards to Shanghai, where I will head over to South Korea, to investigate the DMZ.
-Over to Japan, Travelling the coast line upwards to hiroshima, Osaka, Tokyo and up to hike Mt Fuji.
From tokyo over to Beigjing and Xian, to see the ceramic soliders
From Xian to Tibet and Kathmandu.
Over to New Dehli
fly to Tehran
Off to Turkey to see the worldwar 1 site of gallipoli
down through Israel
Over to Cairo egypts wonders.
Up to Kiev to go through chernobyl
Over to Volograd, Moscow and finally to St Petersburg.
From St Petersburg I have purcahsed a motorcycle, where I will be riding through latvia, estonia, down through poland (warsaw Krakow and again through auschwitz ) Through slovenia, slovakia, Croatia...
Up through Austria and into Germany... .. camping down on the Ukraine Poland border for a week with some metal detectors, searching the defense bunkers of Kiev.
Investigating the woods of Bastogne and the battle of the bulge.
Over to france to camp and document all the worldwar 1 battlefields,
up through normandy to documnt all the worldwar2 battlefields,
across to England, Iceland and the USA.
down the east coast from Boston, NYC, DC to Orlando, where I will be at Cape Canaveral...
and finally, after 10 months of extensive travel. I will be returning to Perth, to publish my book.

Im setting up a flash orientated website with a blog so people can follow where I am, and any changes to the trip.

It will be an extensive photography/documenting expedition.

there's a lot of research left to do, and a lot of things to organise.
So any comments from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 10:54 PM
Sounds like an excellent adventure. I would be rather scared to travel around in unfamiliar lands and cultures for lack of communication, but thats me.

I do have one question? Are you sure Tehran will be there when you get to that point? When are you planning on starting this trip?

Edit: This spans the globe so much, have you considered the idea of promoting it to a morning news show, like they have the "Where in the world is Matt Laeur?" reports. It might be a good boost to your book.

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:34 PM
Ive thought about something along those lines. Thats really why im trying to push the flash orientated website, blogs n so forth.
Id like to sell the photos and such at the end of the trip so I dont want to make it to bigga spectacle until the end.

This trip spans the globe something awesome,
Ive laid out plans to build a light portable trailer for the motorcycle to tow the backpack and tent.

I can just imagine driving between eastern european countries.
Having already seen auschwitz, Normandy, Rome and most other european spots, Im trying more for the dangerous outlying spots.
IE Stalingrad ( volograd ) / Chernobyl etc etc.

Im hoping Tehran will be there, but on that note more than likely israel wont be either.

The trip is starting Feb 08.
There's 12 months of planing, funding and organising, its been an ongoing concept for over 2-3 months now.
Im researching books by the dozen looking for the perfect photo of the 'issue' im documenting to be mirrored with the image I take of today.
if you get what I mean.


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