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No One can ever prove UFO's Exist..

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 04:43 PM
....or can they?

I am starting to see a repeating pattern forming here and in the media. No matter how many times people say they have seen UFO's people that are truly skeptics will never believe. And the other side of the coin to many people are quick to believe almost anything.

People only see and believe what they want.

You can have all of the video's, photos, official reports in the world but some people will never believe. I think that even if these particular skeptics saw a UFO face to face they would somehow discount it or try to justify the UFO was something else instead of trying to prove it was truly a UFO. I think questioning is good, but discounting something without properly looking into it well....

I think discrement is a good thing, but I believe that blind ignorance is another.

I am only saying all of this because I had the "Blind Ignorance Syndrome", well until I saw something that really made me take a step back and question what I had just witnessed. I was a true skeptic without a doubt, instead of trying to prove they existed, I was trying to prove why they didn't exist. Keeping an open mind and putting yourself in the other persons shoes will help, but that takes a wise person to do this and a person that has control of his or her ego too.

I will still have discrenment when I view new footage or hear a story, but I will never say they do not exist anymore and discount information without proper investigation.

As a recovering skeptic I was all about saying how everything can be faked or doctored via the digital age, but it only takes one solid example to make a sighting valid, like a face to face or maybe enough credible people to validate the account.

For all the skeptic's I think that until you have a face-to-face you will not believe or want to, but on the other side all those that have not seen a UFO don't be to quick to believe everything you see, use your discernment.

In, conclusion I think there is a solid middle ground that must be acheived in UFO/ Alien quest's and sightings, so lets not be to hard or to passive, on each other, in our search.



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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 05:24 PM
It was not until I saw a large triangle UFO last year that I thought that all UFO phenomena fell exclusively into the spiritual category because of the lack of hard core physical evidence. But now I know that there are some UFO's up there that definitely look as if they are man-made regardless that they are doing all of these 'out of the world' manuevers. So for this reason, I no longer am scoffing at those researchers who are saying that the military is involved in the production of such craft. Before that, this seemed inconceivable to me.

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