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Iraq Pullout Suggestion

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 03:30 PM
Let Iraqis know we are leaving.

Allow Iraqis who want to Leave Iraq, to do so under American Protection during our pullout.

If Iraqis want to stay and fight, then let their woman Children be removed from the cities and battlefields to Refugee areas protected by the US and her allies.

Until one of the religious factions decides they can live with the other and be accepting, there will be civil war. Pretty Simple.

When the civil war ends, they can go home.

America risks losing Iraq as a stronghold, as well as our investments, but it sends a message to the Iraqi people that we want it to be their country.
Whatever they make, we support. Its their way..not Americas way.

If its a civil war, then so be it. Let an eye take an eye, and a tooth take a tooth.

Until Muslims can demonstrate that they can live in Unity, its a lost cause.

Have America put her guns down, and prepare for massive humanitarian support.

Go back to Diplomacy. The Government that Iraq installs, can work with us to help the people.

Its clear we cant do lets let them do it. We made a mess over their, the best we can do is assist them in the rebuild, even if it doenst involve American businesses...

Its really the only way...anything else, well...Around and round we go.

Let the fighters fight...and the people of peace leave.

The Real Reason the US cant leave Iraq, is our Governments worry of protection of US interests. If we had no interests, no problem.

Welcome to Greed. Are you willing to die for Corporations?

If you served God..this isnt an issue If you serve money, its a never ending problem.

Man cannot serve both God and Money...

Its your choice.

Whats that? " In God we Trust "?

Well then...Trust in Gods way. Peace and helping your fellow man.

Not with Guns and Missiles, but with Food, housing, and obtaining happiness.


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