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Animals in My Room

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 01:56 PM
About 3 weeks ago, I spotted what I believed to have been a gecko, or at least a lizard in my oom on my wall,and I immediately got up and tried to catch it. But, it kept moving away. So, I finally thought of putting my window up, but by that time it had gotten out of my sight. My mother came into my room, and she told me to put the window down,being that the gecko wouldn't have gone out the window, and instead would have to been caught, wherein she insisted, telling me to call her if I spotted it again,( if I'm remembering correctly). I myself almost decided to just be disobedient, and leave the window down- I'm a vegitarian by morals.
That night, or not so long after I dreamt about a rabbit actually entering my room, and non-chalantly saying to myself, hey there's a rabbit, and I continued doing whatever it was that I was doing. After a while I decided it was time for the bunny to go, so I started chasing it in circles, but never did actually catch it.I reckon I just woke up, or stopped dreaming about it.That was the only animal I encountered that I actually did own. The second animal, I believe was a turtle, that I dreamt about, but I honestly don't remember for sure. Anyway, I dreamt about it, and was starting to wander these animals were coming from,( I always remembered the previous animals). I looked and I looked but I found no entrance in my room,- The supposed turtle was in my room when the dream started, and the door was closed. I didn't bother the turtle though, and like before I just ended it in some short time, with the turtle still in my room. The third one, I believe was some type of flying animal. When I try to recall, I see a black bird, bat, or flying fish. I don't remember much about this one execpt that it was black and at one point in time, flapping its wings. I suppose I was actually admiring, or studying the animal, why it was above the ground. As usual, the dream ended as was. I'm not exactly sure if I'm missing a fourth, but I strongly feel that I am. I imagine that the animals are ants, but as I think about it more the single animal could've been a frog. The last animal was a duck. The thing about this duck is I know it was yellowish, or at least baige, or slightly muskier than white. I actually walked in on all of the animals , except the rabbit, and I'm standing in harmless amusement seeing the duck just watching it,( I think it was a middle-aged female by the way). The duck just waddles to my mirror on my wall, and lifts it up with its head, and there I see, an entrance, as if my wall had been smashed. The duck left, and I was looking out there, and as I was, I noticed the duck going left diagonally. The outside was just as it regularly is. The last thing I recall before I woke up was thinking to myself, " so that's how they got in here". I didn't think to put this on here at that moment, but yesterday , a buddy of mine said that he had a dead lizard in his room, and I said I think I do too. Later that same night, I remember cleaning out the tub, and the suds from the spray I used, ' Greased Lightning' as they were going into the drain, formed in order, a rabbit, a frog, and a falcon. So here I am now. I do a lot of things of this nature, but dream interpreting isn't one of them. Any and all thoughts welcomed.

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 11:03 AM
How old are you? Are you a girl?

I get the feeling you are maybe 14, and a girl.

Anyway, having a mirror in your BEDroom, is a very bad thing from a feng-shui standpoint.

You see, your energy will split in half, and half will go into the mirror.

What the animals showed you, by lifting the mirror and revealing the hole, was THE actual hole which is interfering with your life. It is a BAD thing.

The animals are also evil creatures, maybe even the same creature.
It just wants to make you waste energy on it. Let it go, and get that mirror out of there ASAP ZULU.

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 06:41 PM
Anyone Else has any other ideas?

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