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New house, increased contact with Paranormal Activity.

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:58 AM
Heres the scoop. Recently moved into a new house with my girlfriend. The orginal house on the property was built in the late 1700's. The second building, which we live in was built around 1978. Back in November of 06' when we first moved in. I would always notice discomfort down stairs in the kitchen area. Like having someone watching you. After a few nights of uncomfortable noises being emitted from downstairs my girlfriend and I decided to burn some white sage. An attempt to clear out the house of any past negitivity that may be still around.

About a month went by. No more creepy feeling from downstairs. No strange noises. My cat seemed quite content too. But then it started. About 3 weeks ago, something started showing itself to me and only me. My girlfriend has heard the strange noises in the night. But has yet to describe any of what Im about to share with you.

Before any of you suspect its pipes, or compressor from the fridge. Its not. Ive done my fair share of poking around and know quite a bit about house hold utilities.

The experiances >

At first it was whispers in the night. Until one night, I actually heard my name being whispered. " That frightened me "

Sometimes it would sound as if dishes fell or were breaking. Or items in the cabinets were being shuffled around. Although never were items ever moved or broke.

Contact was made with me one night. I felt slight pressure on my right arm, by my shoulder. ( I was on the PC playing some computer games )
when I looked over at the shoulder I actually saw my sleeve fold up and raise about 2" inches on my arm. Almost as if something was slightly tugging at my clothes. Then it droped. At the time I remember feeling a very very cold draft, and my arm felt as it was asleep afterwards.

Last night was a new encounter. I was down in the kitchen putting some plates in the sink when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked to my feet I saw this quick shadow moving around my legs almost in a figure 8 before going into the cabinets. My cat actually ran at the cabinet where it went into . Then as if it was moving thru the walls of the cabinets you could hear items being shuffled and moved around. Upon inspecting inside them later, nothing was moved or altered.

Im at a loss. I always assumed Id be frightened by an experiance such as this. But honestly Im more intrigued. I dont feel threatened, but I know my girlfriend doesnt like the fact there may be something there. Looking for some advice as to what it may be, or how to rid it from my house.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Im also curious as to why it feels more open to share its presence with me.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 12:44 PM
I am happy to tell you that you have come to the right place. I happen to be an expert in the paranormal with almost 20 years experience. First of all you need to understand the difference in demons and ghost. If you have a religious background such as a mother or father who are born again Christians or have a similar background yourself, then you can be open to attack from a demon.
A restless spirit such as a poltergiest is someone who cant cope with the fact they are dead. Remember that until judgement day when the dead rise from the grave to face the book of life, no one is sentenced in the after life. Spirits dwell here on Earth, in another form of reality until that day. If you live around a spirit who does not know who you are and that spirit is restless and frustrated, it can lash out and try to show you that it does not want you around. This does not mean that it is a demon. This is where confusion between the two occurs.

If you do not want a restless spirit to come around you or bother you, all you need to do is simply acknowledge it and tell it to leave you alone and go away. Tell it that its not welcome and that it should move on to be content with the reality it now dwells in.
If the events abruptly stop and no more is made of it, then the spirit got your message and will leave you alone. If only subtle things happen like an object moves from one place to the other on an occasional basis then the spirit is someone related to you who wants to make contact, but realizes it went too far and will respect your wishes.
If the events remain the same and keep you up at night making noises, scare you or others in house and otherwise seem aggressive, then you have a demon inhabiting your home. There is no need to call a priest or bring in an exorcist unless you have no faith or love for God or are otherwise incapable of calling on the Father.
If you can do this yourself, then simply tell it "In Jesus name be gone from here demon and leave this house and family alone immediately".
There is nothing that a demon can do against someone who calls on the blood of Jesus to protect them and that person knows in their heart that they will be kept safe.
From what you describe, it could be either of the three.
Friendly spirit wating to make contact
Restless spirit thats pissed and jealous of you
Or a demon

I hope I helped! God bless you.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 12:59 PM
We have tried the whole vocal approach. Outloud stating that it was our house and we werent happy with it being there. This was when we also burned the white sage and bought some green quartz crystals. Im not going to say it didnt help. Everything seemed quite for about a month. I dont know if maybe this is somethind different. Or maybe its returned. But my only concern is its more physical approach this time. I dont think its a demon. I dont feel threatened. Is it possible that it could be an animal spirt? It almost seems playful. As it likes to antagonize my cat. Or so it seems. I would like to catch the sounds on video before it does leave tho. I see this as an oppertunity to share with others something that most dont get to experiance.

Thank you for your advice.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 01:26 PM
Sounds sorta familiar.

I grew up in a house that was claimed to be haunted, most people who lived there all agree it was. We would always hears sounds, lights sometimes, disapearing objects that would be moved to other places in the house etc, cold spots....

This was a big house tucked up in the hills and we were a small family of four. late at night it was easy to tell where everybody was in the house. usually upstairs in their rooms or on the upper floor somewhere. The house was sort of built into the side of the hill so it was 3 floors plus a psudo basement.

All the time when people would be going downstairs to the kitchen and everybody was accounted for upstairs we would hear conversation. Definantly human conversation of some sort but always garbled and faint no matter how close you got to where it sounded to be coming from. We could localize it frequently. It was in two rooms on the first floor off the kitchen. Sometimes we would here faint music but nothing would be turned on. Sometimes we knew without a doubt that everything was shut off but still.

Frequently we would turn off all the lights and in the night lights in parts of the house nobody would go to because they were too far away and on the other end and weren't of any interest. The lights would simply turn on at the switch for no reason. we would go in and turn them off again and later in the night they'd be on again. The wireing in the house was fine.

We would also get cold spots. Much like the super cold draft you experienced. You would walk into a room, an interior one say with no outside walls or windows and notice temp fluctuations from a warm tosty 75 degrees to a patch about 4 to 8 feet long where the temp was literally around 55 degrees. These cold spots moved around at will but favored certain areas of the house. Everytime you felt the cold you felt like something was coming to get you, a distinct feeling of dread or fear that everybody including people who didn't live there or know anything about the place.

Frequently I would see shadows that ducked around, or would disappear instantly when you made direct line of sight with it, you could almost see the shadow dissolve. My sister saw them too and they were roaming around the house at will too. Sometimes I would write them off at tricked of the mind, sometimes I just simply couldn't.

I saw or think I saw real faint orbs on a few occasions, althought that could have been a figment of my childhood imagination. The house had a history of this sort of stuff long before our parents moved in and it continued after we left.

THe house seemed cursed too, cause everybody had bad luck once they moved in and it would stop after people moved out. My dad sold the house to a b level celebrity in the early 90's. His carrer tanked instantly and he was doing decent before that. He sold the house moved out and bam got back onto the silver screen, although he never fully got back to the hight he was at he's doing OK now.

I would go check out TAPS (the atlantic paranormal society) and see what info they have on the sort of hauntings you say you are experiencing.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 01:35 PM
i'm not certain that 'it's' feeling secure enough to reveal itself to you....
that's just a feeling or creation of your own

perhaps the incidents are just a result of some strange confluences,
like that movie "Frequency", where something causes
'windows' or 'portals' that sync different two time/space lines,
like the wormhole theory says is possible.

?catching glimpses into a parallel universe?

then he/she/it, is probably as edgy & tentative as you are,
& might even have a fear of the unknown

but, even though my house is over a crawlspace, i don't make it a practice
or habit to familiarize myself with the denizens or the landscape down there......the few semi-annual visits i have done are enough of first hand visuals to 'know' what's down there

Keep in mind, it's also the "Year of the Pig" in China time

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 02:08 PM
If it were something that I was creating wouldnt it be odd that my cat seems to be in tune with it also? Shes still young. Shes a Female Lynx-point snow bengal. Tons of personality. Up until about 3 weeks ago, I was blaming her for all the stirrings in the night. Now I see that at times shes just as curious as I. When in the kitchen she can almost predict when and were the noises would be. Also at times I can see the terror in her eyes. Like the time she was pearched atop the stair well looking down and actually growling.

Im looking into getting some sort of sound recorder. Maybe even a video recording device. Ill keep you all posted. Id love to share with you all my experiances.

Thanks again for the great replys. Nice to see many of you taking the time in putting so much thought into your replys

[edit on 10-1-2007 by Triton1128]

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 04:13 PM
If you are going to try and document the ghost or entity then go to the TAPS site or someplace similar. These places know where to set up the cameras and what different cameras will hopefully catch in theory, so read up and start your own paranormal investigation.

Our cats seemed to be able to see the enities from my personal experience so follow her around one night while carring the recorder and see what shows up.

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 01:03 AM
"If you have a religious background such as a mother or father who are born again Christians or have a similar background yourself, then you can be open to attack from a demon. "

That is interesting,while I don't believe there are any real Demons,I do think there is some value to that comment.The real demons are just simply The bad half that we all have inside of us,we make choices to how we live our life. Good and bad influence us on our decision making.The people that choose to be bad end up with crappy lives in Jail or dead or even president of a country in some cases through ruthless evil dictatorship.We are the demons if we choose or angels of good if we choose.

As I said that comment about having extremely religious parents can have harmful effects to children.I know of one such teenager that went to a party and had much to drink with alcohol and totally seemed to be posessed by a violent super strong Demonic force,Many people tried to subdue him but He was throwing people around like they weighed nothing and even seemed to speak in Latin!My cousin started reading from the bible and then he just passed out .In the morning he did not remember a thing.I believe his inner evil took over as he was forced to always be good by his super christian parents!

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