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Gravity faster than light?

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 08:38 AM

Originally posted by ultralo1


The only thing in common with both of these is E. So if E increses in the particle (E=mc2) then at some point the particle resonates and when there is enough E in the particle it will resonate fast enough to change states into a wave (E=hF). Yes?

Could this be when enough energy is pumped into the particle the reasonace is so strong it litterally tear itself apart? That there is enough energy to over come the bonds inside of teh particles?

If my understanding is correct, then at the event horizion energy is added to the particles until they reach the change of state. So where would the energy come from that is needed to change state? Gravity? Radiation?

Also, where does the inverse square come into play in the wave. I know that with X-Rays if you double the distance from the source then the the energy of the ray is reduced by the square. Is that the energy of the "quantum" or the "speed" at which it is traveling?

Hi, Ultralo--

To start with, neither Matter nor Energy can be Created or Destroyed. That's another physical Law. So, Hyper Resonate "Matter" can't "shake itself apart", but it can Change States--to Energy. According to the new UTF, this is exactly how Bosons become Gluons. Using the Photon as the Base Particle ( in the case of all the formulas--this is what was used)-- and raising it's "native" Resonance changes it's State to a more energetic particle, say for instance, it becomes a Boson. Increased further, it becomes a Gamma Ray. What the new UTF says is, basically, there is only one constituent of Matter ---a single "Particle"---and that Constituent is actually an Energy Packet known as a "string", However the String manifests as matter, or as Particles, is a directly proportional function of it's Resonant State--e.g.--its Frequency, a.k.a. Wavelength.

As to the Source of the Energy-- it is a function of Resonance as well. E=hF. The Energy is "held" within the Resonance itself, and the Hyper Resonant Quantum carries it with itself. IOW-- Hyper-Resonant Matter remains coherent--it does not dissipate. IF the Hyper-Resonance is lost, the process is reversed and the Quantum becomes 3+1 Dimensional again.

What you say regards the Inverse Square Rule and X-rays is correct-- they loose energy- in other than a vacuum--at that rate-- due to friction with other matter. In a Vacuum -- the loss is slower. Now -- wrap yourself around this one. If we can detect X-rays from hundreds of thousands of Light-years away--which we can-- and we know that over that time and distance, they would have definitely lost energy, and therefor Resonance-- then what the hell were they when they were blown into space?--What Force drove them forward at the speed of Light for 100,000 years+? Are we, in fact, detecting a Tachyon that lost Energy to become an X-Ray?

Hope this helps!?

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 01:30 PM
Hey Cocker:
I was just about to post the very same videos you did. As I recall the narrator gave a very detailed speech on this very topic, i believe it was the second one that went into the "Gravity Clock" theory..

Originally posted by Cocker
Well, I have to admit you guys might aswell be speaking Klingon, but I have recently watched these 2 videos and he seems to have a total theory and explains it using the same dialect you guys are using....

Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's - Part 1

Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's - Part 2

They run for about an hour and a half each so haven't posted them using the new Google video, as am unsure as to whether they effect ATS traffic.

I found them very interesting, but I also like bright shiney objects.

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 10:26 PM
Thank you for your time and your responses. There have been only a few times that I have actually learned something on here. I appreciate you taking your time and helping me understand what is going on.

Yea I have always wondered how we could detect xrays that have traveled millions of light years. Do you happen to know what the average energy level of the xrays that we detect are?

Thanks again.

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 10:28 PM
Kronos and Cocker--

Yes, your ref on the above is David Sereda and the NASA footage vid, "Evidence". Dave does go into Quantum Theory with his "Galaxy Clock", and with Bum's initial post regards "Gravity faster than Light".
External Source

Just for what it may be worth, the 2 Schools of Physics, Particle Physics and Quantum Physics, represent 2 different schools of thought, and so, 2 different methods, of looking at the same things--the Universe and the world of the very small.

What we know for a fact is that the TOR, (Einstein's Theory of Relativity) "breaks down" in certain cases and times, and fails to explain more than a few observed phenomena. For example, the behavior of 2 discrete Particles, the mu Meson, and the Neutrino and on occasion a third; energized ("accelerated) Photons.

In the case of the accelerated Photons, there have been several instances where, when a Photon beam was fired at a target in a cyclotron; in this case a Quartz one, (the substance of the windows in spacecraft); a percentage of the Photons passed through the Quartz target at 1.7 times the speed of light.

Both mu Mesons and Neutrinos have the peculiar property of passing directly through a target without damaging it in any way, though each can be detected as having passed through the target. This behavior is extremely peculiar, and these are the only particles that display it in a repeatable fashion, experiment to experiment. In the case of the mu Meson, it is both theorized and observed that the particle literally vanishes on one side of the target and reappears on the other!

In the case of the Neutrino, these are Particles--basically nuclei stripped of electrons, that are ejected by Stars when they go Nova. Neutrinos are also ejected along with light and other particles in a fusion explosion, such as the H-Bomb, which fuses Hydrogen to Helium. It has been discovered that a Neutrino will "leave a trace", in the form of a streak of light from an excited Photon, if it passes through water containing a high concentration of Deuterium; H3O, or Heavy Water. We have such Neutrino Detectors, and they are incredible huge. The one I know of in the US is under the Great Lakes in an old salt mine which has been flooded with Heavy Water. The detector array itself is a matrix of photosensitive electronics, and there is no light 1000' down to fool them.

What makes the above important is Supernova 1987A, which occurred in the Magellanic Cloud and was captured in real time as it occurred by an Astronomer in Australia. After the fact, it was determined that some 6 hours before the Star was seen to explode, a "flap" of Neutrinos was detected at the Great Lakes site. Since we know that these particles are released at the time of a fusion detonation, along with the light of it, X-rays, Gamma rays, etc., then the question arises, "How is it that the Neutrinos from 1987A reached Earth 6 hours in advance of the observed explosion?". Did they exceed the speed of light? The answer is still out there, we don't know after 20 years of studying it.

That we don't have a lot of answers to the questions of the Universe and the behavior of Matter, makes the subject and the object of Physics an extremely interesting subject, and a wide open one to new Theory. Theory is what we have now, and precious few Facts. The major of all the puzzles is that we don't know exactly what constitutes "Matter" or "Energy, meaning that we really don't know what either is, but we do understand a little about how Matter and Energy behave. What is certain is that there exists a hazy and illusive point where Matter (particles) become Energy and visa versa. This is the Zero Point.

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