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"Why is my dad in Git Mo" A 10 yr old kid seeks to find a answer article LINK

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 08:39 PM

Originally posted by Murphs
Every child needs a father figure. This child doesn't because of the US Gov.
It is time it was sorted!!!!!!!!

Did you read the article?

Many of the British residents have families who are British citizens, and had leave to remain in the UK, but the Government has refused to take responsibility for them. Yesterday, Ed Davey, chief of staff to the Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell, used the Commons debate to attack ministers for allowing British residents to "languish" in the camp.

He said: "The Government has been both hypocritical and morally bankrupt. They have condemned Guantanamo Bay but have failed to take action for the British residents." He said the US administration had offered to send the men home, but the UK had refused to accept them. He added: " The Prime Minister should stop talking about closing Guantanamo and start doing something about it."

Get your facts straight.

Emphasis added.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 11:52 PM
Somebody really needs to educate this Kid...

Tell him that if he gets his wish, Daddy is likely to come home and strap a bomb on him then send him out to blow up his play mates!!!

GEE, Wouldn't that be a sweet home coming.. Maybe the media would film that at 11..


posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by sbob
mrgerbil or whatever,

Who is talking out of their arse?? get a mirror.

I agree the crap in Cuba is against what I believe in.

But if you are so naive to believe everyone there is a good person.(that is detained) Then who talks out their arse and simple minded in there agenda?

If you know what prison is like then maybe you would like to tell us of your criminal record to support your theory.

I think they should let everybody out of Cuba go, and let you deal with this person. Guantanamo servers more as a rallying point for people like you.

I said most people held in Cuba are there for a reason.(caught on the battlefield) A fair percentage were sent under false pretense though.

Feel bad for the 10 year old boy here, but not American 10 year old boys who don't have a parent.

Who doesn't have a heart for both sides mr look in the mirror???????

I feel bad for this kid, close down the detention in Cuba, and let these detainees live next to your kids.

You said I would begging for a bacon burger.....Hmmmmmm so how well do you know me?????????? I'm a vegetarian. Don't make stupid assumptions about Americans. It makes you look well you know........................Like you.

If you eat meat can you say the same...I don't know...95%(a guess) won't agree, because they eat meat. I am in the minority on that. But blast me on this one too, as I expect no less. You know, there really is no reason to keep him and you are just stammering out b.s. reasons to keep him.

[edit on 10-1-2007 by sbob]

SBob, they have nothing on this guy. That's why this isn't going to trial and you know this. You are shucking and jiving to the minstrel band. It was a battery pack charger. And the madness is setting in that you want to keep him because of what you believe but have no proof or facts about this man. It's all just swirling in your head what your delusions are. And that is the tragic thing.

If someone invaded my country, I wouldn't be so prone to accept them in my arms and play Xbox with them. But somehow you are shocked at people on the battlefield attacking Americans. You want a eyeopener,man? Most of these "insurgents" aren't terrorists they are protecting their families and scared of a opposing military force. Most of america can't comprehend that at all. Because you bought the whole package deal on "Terrorism" meanwhile America is blitzing city after city angry and exhausted at such a failure of a strategy engineered by imperial lunacy and greed. I am an american and it is patriotic to dissent and for you to be on the opposite side having a dialogue with opposite view. NEVER forget that.

Vegetarian or meat eater, that's not what i meant by pointing it out. Im saying what you think about being isolated from family is not so bad is just naive. That's the problem with most people who don't understand. And most people would not be able to handle 4 freaking years away from any contact.

You just have a hard time believing that a majority of innocent people are in this facility. And that's a hard thing to grasp that you have been deceived. We have seen this before in Japanese internment camps. Another retarded idea brought to you by Uncle Sam. That failed absolutely miserably.

You still don't get it. These cowards won't even answer to a 10 year old. This isn't even debateable after awhile it's just freaking silly why people still defend people who could throw you in a facility if it was for political gain. That's what this is about. Those inmates are capital for the war on terror. They aren't keeping you safe. Which isn't legally a war anyways. And that's a whole other discussion.

We got freaking Warlords roaming around SOMALIA and you are concerned about a old man with poor eyesight and severe diabetes. You don't know why these people were sent here. Again, you are assuming their situation that brought them to detainment facility.

And might I add, I find it really troubling that we have "terrorist" attacks in america by "Caucasians" who aren't sent to Git'mo they just call them mad bombers. And im going to repeat that the prejudice nature of locking up primarily middle eastern men is going to come back and haunt us for generations in this country.

A Battery charger... is no reason to lock someone up.

But the WHITE guy who tried to blow up a mall with some fertilizer explosives he won't go to Git'mo. A man with real evidence and motive and means. He isn't going to go to a facility in cuba. Why? Answer it for me,SBob. Because the administration isn't talking. Hmmm Batter Charger or Fertilizer Explosives? Gotta go with the battery charger and the middle eastern man with the funny man. Because Im protecting the West!

The media won't talk about him nor will anyone really care. Because it's about framing what a terrorist is narrowly defined as. And this all comes down to attacking Islamic fundamentalism. But christian and other religious fundamentalists who are committing terrorist acts, no one flinches at that.

Forget the supremacists, they aren't terrorists. Why they just commit hate crimes when they blow up a church. And that isn't in the media. Gotta keep the focus on IS-lam.

The Hypocrisy is so rank it astounds me over everything that is said about this god for saken place. And you will see,Sbob. When this guy goes free when they let lost people out of Git'mo you are going to see how many people were innocent. The numbers are already stacking up as to who is innocent with EVIDENCE of their innocence.

And I gotta tell ya, you are getting severely proven wrong with this theory with every inmate that goes free with no evidence. A deafening silence from the facility that detained them. And they can't do crap except watch them walk out and denounce that their freedom was taken away. Now that's a patriot,period.

And all you have to do is remember this little legal gem
"Innocent until proven guilty" Who knows, Sbob. You might need it someday if you are accused of a crime without any evidence.
And I doubt you would be saying it's for the public's safety to keep me imprisoned.

It's so sad people support this neoconservative dystopian vision.
Meanwhile our treasury is getting raped in the process.

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by MRGERBIK
they have nothing on this guy.

.... and you know what 'they' have on this guy because the CIA has shared it's terrorist information with you?

You want a eyeopener,man? Most of these "insurgents" aren't terrorists they are protecting their families and scared of a opposing military force.

You want an eyeopener, man? Most of these insurgents ARE terrorists who are NOT protecting their families because they are too busy shooting and blowing up Iraqi civilians.

America is blitzing city after city

WRONG. AND this is off topic from your original post.

You just have a hard time believing that a majority of innocent people are in this facility.

YOU just have a hard time believing that a majority of people in GITMO are evil, vile murdering terrorists. But that's true. Deal with it.

These cowards won't even answer to a 10 year old.

My government certainly doesn't have to answer to a 10 year old foreign child who may (or may not be) unhappy that his father is a terrorist and is in prison. My government answers to ME, not to THEM.

Which isn't legally a war anyways.

WRONG. This war was approved by our government which means it is legal. Don't bother trying to bring the anti-American UN into this - they have no moral or legal authority to decide what my country does.

I find it really troubling that we have "terrorist" attacks in america by "Caucasians" who aren't sent to Git'mo they just call them mad bombers.

I find it really troubling that we have people who don't think that brown skinned muslims deserve to be liberated from their mass murdering dictator. I find it really troubling that we have people who want to pull a 'race card' when this isn't a race issue - except that THEY don't want brown skinned muslims freed from terrorists.

At this point GITMO is dedicated to the War on Terror. It isn't a facility to house Americans who break laws within America. That could change, but for the time being those people are sent to other federal facilities. If you better understood the military and civilian justice systems, you would see that keeping foreign prisoners from a war zone separate from the others makes perfect sense.

"Innocent until proven guilty"

... for Americans in America. However, in time of war and on the battlefield, when terrorists are shooting at you and unarmed civilians and planting bombs to kill you and unarmed civilians, they are guilty until proven innocent.

[edit on 1/11/2007 by FlyersFan]

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 01:44 PM

After reading all of the thread, let me get this straight..

The OP has nothing more substantial than his fairly innate ability to spout obvious fabrications and present them as factual without any evidential support what so ever.

He states as fact, his opinion, on the quilt or innocence and substance of incarceration at Guantanamo. Again with no supporting evidence.

Yet "we" continue to support his thread by posting rational, intellectual thoughts...

What is missing here?


posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 03:58 PM

Now in America, anyone can be imprisoned for life without a lawyer, charges or trial. Under the patriot act, if a person refuses to spy on a neighbor they can be imprisoned. Kind of makes one wonder how many will lie about a neighbor to avoid being targeted.

When will people become ediucated and stop fabricating lies?

You willing to actually post the section of the patriot act which states this?

Didn't think so.

[edit on 11-1-2007 by ferretman2]

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 08:13 PM

I agree with you to an extent, but your attitude ruins any chance of conciliatory response. You bagged on me twice with rhetoric more than facts. I think I am more middle of the road and you are the radical anti-American. I see your other posts in threads you start. Why not start threads anti the other side when facts come out? I beat the crap out of the USA and any other country person or religion I see is doing bad. It would be in your best interest to see all sides of the bad. Not your narrow Anti-American stance on just about everything from what I have read in other threads and posts. (that is my opinion)

The dude is not in Gitmo for a battery charger or whatever. You are the one thay swallowed the kool-aid on that story. Maybe I am wrong on this point. We both can't prove it. But you gotta be kidding.

Twice you said I was like people on boards. No you are the one that spews anything anti-American.

I think America is a great country. Why do 25 million (or so) illegal aliens come to America and not Gambia or Iran or Mexico or the UK? Answer that one.....America has done some crappy things especially in the last 5 years. al-qadea gave the opening for the Cowboy to do some crap....Like Iraq.

If you believe the USA was not justified into going into Afganistan as the taliaban (who blew up the largest rock buddha and was a world treasure...that is some tolerance) were going to protect al-qedea then we have nothing to talk about.

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