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complaints about religion and society in general

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posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 02:34 PM
im just interested in giving a random opinion on religion in general,
i may run on a bit. feel free to burn me (at the stake) or whatever you like.

for the record, i am non religious, and i dont want religions banned, i just want them to stop recruiting and having a "Voice" to complain with.


now this might be a little un-scientific, but oh well.

use that southpark episode for an example, the one where cartman goes into the future.

they have gotten rid of religion but, in its place is a whole new kind of zealotry, and other issues that separate us into groups. The problem is basically outlined in that.

it isnt religion that is the problem, it is the people involved on both sides.

If i like the taste of watermelons, and hate peaches, but you like peaches, and hate watermelons, does that preclude us from being friends?

what if i hated both peaches and watermelons, and refused to even touch fruits altogether ? Should i send someone dressed in a uniform to come to your home, and preach to you the goodness that is a 15 oz steak

see what i mean yet?

The "solution" would end up being some sort of law stopping religion from recruiting people and advertising on TV. But still allowing them to thrive and do their thing within the legal boundaries of the various countries they reside in.

And to stop religious groups from having a "voice" when complaining and lobbying against public affairs, and advertisements and such.

one bad example of this is jews, if you ask a jew living here in canada if they are jewish or canadian, they will say they are jewish.

that means you are putting people who believe in a specific set of beliefs over the people in your country, where you pay taxes, and use the social services of.

reilgion should be secondary, or tertiary in importance, with country or family first, then religion third, if the person has some mythos they believe in.

the problems in our world today are all caused by people who put religion first, and the others second or third.

discuss !

posted on Jan, 9 2007 @ 08:59 PM
The problems of the World caused by people putting Religion First, and People Second... hmmmm.

Perhaps those Radical Suicide Bombing Muslims are putting people first. They think the World would be a better place if only everyone believed in their particular nutsoid set of values. That it is being ruined by decadent Western Values, and by softcore and heretical Muslims.

In their minds eye, they are doing what is Right and Good for the People.

Same with Fundie Christians. They have their angle on how the World Should Be, and do what they can to make it reality.

I may strongly disagree with their beliefs, but then hey, they would probably strongly disagree with mine. Relativity.

As you point out, even if Religion was gone tomorrow, people would still have fundamental differences on how the world should be organized.... Capitalism vs Communism almost turned the world into a Nuclear Wasteland, for example. So just suppressing Religion (not banning it, just restricting it alot seems to be your plan) does not solve the worlds ills.

Just raving.

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 10:49 AM
CAn one cover this topic between sound bites, or comercial interuptions...or with the average attention span of people??

I refer the readers on this thead to a topic line here on Skunk Works of ATS

"posted on 8-1-2007 at 01:40 AM (post id: 2863714) - single - this post "

This thread is called "Scientists..a wonderful future without religion"

My reply is on page two.

Talk about strange behavior..and perhapsed some of the readers here can give examples of this and use their own experiences not some vicarious knowlege.

The strange phenomonon I observe and by the obvious devoutness and prevalence of it ,it must be part of a religious ritual which has so many by the that people dont seem to have any first hand knowlege or thinking going on. It is all second hand stuff...with emotions thrown in to confuse the point or points.

By this I mean more and more people I see must describe a concept of which they are thinking or speaking for or against in terms of some movie or television program they watch. Their examples are from someone elses programming. Not real actual first hand first person experience. Vicarious.

This cannot be must be deliberate.

I have several people in the crew where I work who must go through the ritual several times a week of describing their lives in terms of some program they have watched. Their heros are television heros..sports heros and sports gods. TV/Movie Gods.
You become aware that their thinking is sometimes not their own. No originality..just a xerox copy of what comes out of the tube..including transplanted emotions. Their actual status is a television/movie program status...including the products they consume.
THey are walking around with someone elses CD operating thier systems.

Take a look at the people around you or people you know...for this fingerprint. You may not have noticed it before. It is quite noticable once you get the fingerprint. Monkey see...Monkey do!!!

Is this type of seduction religious in nature certainly is all around us.
It obviously has a devoted following. THe faithful!!

Isn't this kind of thing actually promoted in part by science?? Think this through carefully. Is science part of a highly developed religion?? Part or parcel of???? Think it through.

Check out that other post here on the Skunk Works.


posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 01:38 PM
oh science bless you,

the problem we need to solve basically.. is how we interact and cope with each other.

and that problem manifests itself in the way we have taken it upon ourselves to value things that really have no value, what does it matter if im wearing a platinum diamond studded necklace? does it help me live longer? does it keep me healthy? no , its an artificial thing we created to keep things intersting.\

anyways i digress

i think we shoudl all be hippies, i juts wont smoke ;o

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 02:43 PM
link or search: Madelyn Murray O'Hair
she tried to start the ball rolling on, reigning in the powerful religion paradigm

~i look at it this way,
All the World's a Stage and we are all actors on it,

religion has a dedicated 'Set' of its own,
with a vast cast in their various Psycho-Dramas

with that worldview in mind, you can see how i equate
both the airport 'Moonies', & 'Nom-Yoho's..." etc,
with traditional, western, Catholic-&-Protestant faithful

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 04:56 AM
Hey Davood,

Here's my deal. Being raised as roman catholic never overcame me with believing everything I was taught and I had read and expected to believe in the religious fashion.

The burning bush was not a bush burning, perhaps a glowing underbelly of a craft.

I don't believe the northern light guiding the three wise men, was a northern LIGHT.

The Virgin Marry was -- a Virgin, and may have been inseminated above and beyond specifically to expand Human intellectual growth beyond that of the time through advanced, seriously advanced, through EBE genetics.

Each present human race colour was originally genetically introduced by multi and variant colored EBE races.

Moses existed and the Ark of the Covenant was an Ancient Egyption High Voltage Capacitor, POSSIBLY charged at the place made for it -- the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid, mayhap's the Great Pyramid.

Who knows?? But I may as well ad, reincarnation is real (to be on the personal safe-side)


posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 11:07 AM
that is subject to interpretation, maybe the original writers of the stories just had some very generalistic ideals that seemed to mesh well to create a nice set of stories, it will be some time before that particular aspect of our history can be proven one way or another.

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