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(Robotics) Roboquad

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 05:27 PM

Roboquad, WowWee's latest robot pet, is a four-legged "spider-like"
bot capable of identifying and pursuing a moving object.
The chassis is designed to allow Roboquad to move easily in any

Roboquad has three speeds, but is always quick to respond to its environment.
It's head swivels, sweeping the room with an infrared beam used to identify
movement and even the relative sizes of objects.

Roboquad will be in stores by fall of 2007 and is expected to retail
for about $100.


It seems that there are more and more robots going on the
market, that are basically artificial pets, which is a very cool
thing, considering that if you go back a few years, one can
see that these robots are slowly becoming cheaper as tech-
nology increases and more people buy them.

I personally think this particular robot is cute, and very unique,
it reminds me of an alien.
I'm defionately gonna see about getting one of these myself.

Comments, Opinions?

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