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Father says "Tigger" hit his son at Disney park

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 03:47 AM
I remember the good ole' days when people only sued Disney when their loved ones were decapitated in Space Mountain or something!

This is ridiculous, it was probably an accident or the little brat had it coming to him.

Definitely a shakedown

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 05:35 AM

Originally posted by djohnsto77
Iwhen people only sued Disney when their loved ones were decapitated in Space Mountain or something!

Ever read the book 'Disney, the mouse betrayed'???
A whole lot of safety things happen that we never hear of because the victims are bought off. And the slime that the Disney Lawyers run on .... ugh!

Last time we were in Epcot there was a major fireworks malfunction at the lagoon. Actually, the thing blew up. There was a platform in the lagoon with the fireworks and it completely exploded. The heat blast could be felt waaaaaaaaaaay back where we were (near the Mexico pavilion). It was very intense and the fireball was so big that it was rolling. Then there were two secondary explosions, much the same as the first.

The idiot tourists clapped thinking it was part of the show. They didn't seem to notice that the fireworks just about stopped and only the laser portion continued.

EPCOT should have evacuated the park (it was almost closing time anyways) ... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... they kept going and said nothing and it never made the papers the next day... nor the TV news.

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posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 05:46 AM
No, can't say I read that book.

I grew up living only like 30 miles from WDW, so needless to say I've been there a countless number of times. I can't say I remember seeing anything too bad there, but you heard stories (like the decapitation thing).

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 12:00 PM
I live a few miles from Disneyland and know lots of people who work there.

Any of the "suit" jobs (characters) are the most hated and deplored at the park, and the Dizzy folks are thinking about getting rid of them altogether (except for the little tyke areas).

The reason is that the public has gone bonkers and all manner of civility is evaporating. Teens are out of control, parents don't control or discipline their kids - even the little ones, and the most outlandish, digusting behavior is not only tolerated but often encouraged as "personal expression".

The result is what you see in the video - it's obvious the teen is screwing with Tigger's suit, perhaps pinching him or grabbing his arse - all for the sake of a 'funny video' - maybe something they can get on to AFV or YouTube for a little fame.

It's an epidemic, really, and my sources say that the bad behavior is getting worse almost daily. Kids, especially the 10-to-tweeny crowd, seem to delight in trying to trip the characters, yank on their ears, noses, and tails, trying to make them fall or do something 'they'll regret' for the camera.

It's no longer sufficient to simply get a snapshot standing next to Mickey - you need something more "memorable". The Cahracters go through extensive training on how to deflect as much of this daily, continuous abuse as possible while trying to maintain a pleasant demeanor - a near impossible task. "Suit" jobs are rarely longer than 1 hour duration, after which each character goes through a 'debriefing' and 'cool-down' period. The combat training, debriefing, and cool-down regroup was unheard of and unnecessary a decade ago.

Shame on society in general and Mr. Dad in particular (and sons) for allowing values to be lost and trying to capitalize on atrocious behavior. Tigger should be the one doing the suing here - which of course, won't happen.

I wonder if these idiot degenerates would treat these folks as badly if they weren't wearing a mask. There is a human being under those character suits. Get a grip on reality - it's not just a foam suit your abusing...

Tigger should invite the Dad and his sons out to the parking lot and ask the punk if he'd like to try that arse pinching stunt again.

Tigger rules. Punks are spineless. The dad needs to get a life. Hey Judge: Rule against the Dad and throw the whole thing out as frivolous. Have the kid sweep floors or something to pay for attorneys fees...

'nuff said...

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