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Diabetic support & Diet Thread

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 09:04 AM
Not sure how many of you out there are diabetics, but I figured I would make a thread where we can discuss... or complain... About being a diabetic.

I just recently was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I now have to change everything about my lifestyle. I was a big time social drinker and a smoker, etc. Now I have to stone cold quit and find healthier means of entertainment. Haha... I ain't gonna lie! This sucks.

So... If any of you out there want to discuss anything about diabetes please do.

Good recipes...



Health tips...

Or just plain bitchin'...

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 03:23 AM
yeah come on anyone? my dad is diabetic just recently found out..and i wanna make some good food and stuff for him.

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 03:29 AM
The lowcarb diet is the best for diabetics as that gets your body to rely on protein and fat rather than carbohydrates. Of course with Type I diabetes (far more serious than Type II), everything you do must be under the supervision of your endocrinologist.

I wish you well, Type I diabetes is a horrible thing (I know it runs in my family, my grandfather lost both his legs to it and a cousin has it). It seems with better technology available now the risks of losing limbs and going blind have dropped though. I don't think my cousin has any problems as of yet other than needing to stay on top of her insulin levels.


Just want to say I don't think either smoking nor alcohol should have any impact on diabetes as neither affects blood sugar levels. Maybe your doctor is just trying to get you to quit these for other reasons?
If I was diagnosed, I'd continue drinking (of course not mixed drinks with sugar content or beer) and smoking.

Here's a link about drinking with diabetes:

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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 05:54 AM
lol i love with someone who has this and has done for many years,

Best advise! Check your blood sugar regulary, that way you can figure out what you need and when,

small meals and often, don't eat to late as this sends the sugar higher,
but if you are having low readings then have a piece of bread,

Stay away from fruit juice, unless its sugar free, and also most soda..

~Drink plenty of water,

Ill add some more bits later,

Things i notice, when the blood suger is going up and down mood swings come in full force,
So listen to people around you as this may tell you that you need to keep an eye on your levels,

Are you on injections? Tabs?

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 08:27 AM
Thank you for finally posting in this thread. Yes, I have to give myself an injection before every meal and before bedtime. Soon I should be able to get an insulin pump which will make things a bit easier.

Dj, as far as drinking, yes I can still drink. But, only in moderation. I was... Well... A pretty heavy social drinker before being diagnosed. Now I have to carefully watch my sugar levels while I drink. Also, I could end up with an extremely low blood sugar level in the mornings if I have to many. Thank you for that great link though!

Also... Low carb is not always necessary. High Fiber foods also containing carbs can be very good for you. Like whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, wheat batter pancakes, etc.

I'll post my favorite Oatmeal breakfast I've come up with so far. It's simple and easy to make.

Quaker Old fashioned oats. (not the quick make stuff.)
Skim Milk

Just use a couple cups of oats, pour in the milk, add a handful of raisins, (packed with sugar so you could substitute with something else.) As many Walnuts as you like, and a dash of salt. Also, if you need a sweetener use some equal or similar sugar substitute.

Cook over a low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring often, until the oats thicken to your liking and you have a very healthy filling breakfast!

Oh yeah... DJ... Diabetics have an increased chance of heart related issues. Smoking is pretty bad on the heart as well. Raising blood pressure and the like. I guess you can still smoke as long as you watch your diet and exercise regularly. But I read somewhere that diabetics have the same chance of heart attack as a normal person that has already had a heart attack.

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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 09:27 AM

here are some good resipies!

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posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 07:25 AM
Bart ------>

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 09:13 AM
Hi Lostsailor/

My mum has Type 2 Diabetes.
She is on tablets and fears that an only diet with the right foods wont help her.
I actually believe that it can.

I have read that Cinnamon can be added to food as it lowers blood sugar naturally.
Cinnamon powder added to Oats prepared with water and chopped dried fruit(naturally dried with no sugars)
eg/Prepare oats as on pack.....get the palin oats as this is healthier and better option then the added flavours.
Add water(can add low fat skim milk, if desired)to oats, to desired consistency.
Add any mixture of chopped dry fruit , and nuts of any kind ..almonds taste kinda nice and so do walnuts!
fresh Coconut grated or bought in packet.
Add Powdered cinnamon (1 teaspoon)
And a little honey won't hurt.....or pure maple syrup may be added .

Having oats for breakfast is a good start to the day as it regulates Cholestoral and blood sugar.

My mum also notices that when she eats white bread or should I say anything that has been altered in some way from it's original state, plays havoc with her diabetes.
So, no soft drinks of any kind......this goes for Diet drinksas well, as this sometimes makes you want to eat more(not all people feel the same)
Refined flour is out.....of any kind in any kind of foods!
Best bread one can eat would be 'sour dough bread' bloating in stomach and slow to digest, which means you feel full longer!

Gee, I have many recipes that can be altered or made to suit whatever taste.
hope that helps you out a bit.


posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by DonkeyPuncher
Bart ------>

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 12:42 PM
Sorry to hear about the diabetes bro'.


posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 04:04 PM
Get this book,Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution ,I read it. It was great full of usfull info and recipes all the info a diabetic will need , I'm type 2 , I will post often if you keep this theard going , my A1C was 6.3 got it down to 5.6 and still going . check your blood the first 60 days as much as possible , till you know what everything you eat and drink does to your suger levels then you can take care of your self doctors are not gonna do it. trust me this is on you , You take care of you blood levels and you will live a normal life span maybe longer than most people because your on top of it , YENKO

posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 06:45 AM
I'll check that book out. Honestly though, I have read so much on diabetes in the past few weeks that I am having a hard time believing that I can learn anything new! I am strictly watching my diet and exercising on a regular basis. I only have a few beers on a Friday or Saturday night. As opposed to my pre diagnosis binge drinking fests...

It's actually kind of funny being the sober guy at the bar or parties... I ain't gonna kid ya there!!! haha

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 06:49 AM
Well I've been Diabetic since 28th September 2002..... I remember the date exactly...... Day my life spiralled out of control


I nearly died.... rushed to hospital, didn't know what was wrong with me.... got to go in the ambulance and everything! WOOO! Cept I passed out in the ambulance..... Woke up in the treatment room at the hospital, where they were trying to find out what was wrong with me... Passed out again.... Turns out I had Diabetes. I had a sugar level of 50.9 Yep! You read it right! 50.9!!!!

So anyways... there I was.... 14 years old. Not a clue what to do......

It started out good. Blood was stable... I was in the "honeymoon" period, as they call it, for about a year. Then I went out of control. I just couldn't do it anymore... I was eating ice cream and sweets and chocolate. Not taking my insulin. Lying at my appointments..... There was no stopping me! I even stopped going to my appointments.... Then I went to one last May, because my Mam was annoying me so much about it... I thought... Quick in and out, make it as painless as possible..... I was admitted to the hospital straight away with DKA - "Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is one consequence of untreated diabetes mellitus (chronic high blood sugar or hyperglycemia) and is linked to an impaired glucose cycle. In a diabetic patient, DKA begins with deficiency in insulin. This is most commonly due to undiagnosed diabetes mellitus or, in patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, failure to take prescribed insulin. DKA has a 100% mortality rate if left untreated."

So I came out of hospital and was good for a while..... Then it all started again.... I'd been so depressed that I just didn't care anymore..... I dropped out of college.... Lost touch with most of my friends.... And I've just come out of hospital again.... They made me talk to a psychiatrist and everything.... But I'm feeling much better about everything now. And I'm taking all my insulin and checking my blood sugars.

I've been in the hospital 3 times now since 2002 over the diabetes. So I do advise everyone to look after themselves. I know that I havent in the past, and I know how hard it can be living with Diabetes.... I mean, I became severely depressed and didn't look after myself and self-harmed and everything. It's not the answer though.

So I just hope this helps someone....

Its my story - and I'm stickin to it

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 02:22 PM
Glad you shared that story with us!

I have noticed lately that I am having a hard time ignoring sweets. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes I never thought about eating sugars. Honestly, I didn't have a sweet tooth at all. Now, however, I seem to want them all the time. Almost as if I want them because I really can't have them. Does that make sense to you?

And I have a feeling I am going through something similar to you right now Orla. I've had to drop all my classes this semester as i was diagnosed just before the semester started. I haven't gone to any meetings and the hassle of keeping constant track of my blood sugar is becoming overwhelming. And I am pretty sure I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase...

I always thought I took pretty good care of myself... But I'm starting to think I could be wrong. Also, I have been drinking again. It is very hard to change your lifestyle at my age. Having to go from a party type of person (I will not lie about my being a binge drinker) to a non-drinker was easy at first. But I seem to be slipping again as of late.

Anyways... I have to make myself some lunch. Hope all is well... And keep your chin up!!!

posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 02:33 PM
I was diagnosed about 5 months ago after a very long month. I had actually had a tooth infection that required some major medication to get rid of, and I had assumed the extreme thirst, 103 fever, increased craving for sugar (I almost never eat sweet things) and the fact that my appetite had increased significantly while still losing 20 pounds in a month was related to the antibiotics at first.

During that month, according to my doctor, the only reason I hadn't gone into a coma was because I was drinking between 6 and 7 gallons of water a day. The month is pretty much a blur to me, as it was rather difficult to even think.

Now here I am, and I've gotten used to it. Thankfully, I'm on Exubera, which is an inhalant form of insulin, so I don't have to stab myself to eat. Still have to take the blood sugar readings, though. When I first got it, I stopped working out completely since I would be out of energy driving, much less walking to my car, so running was completely out. Now that I've started to work out again, the insulin is a lot more effective, which is causing problems because I keep going into shock with a normal meal.

It's a change of some habits, but most of those habits I didn't like, anyway, so this was just an added reason to stop.

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