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Terror Propaganda. Why are we being fed it and for the most part swallowing it?

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posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 11:33 PM
I am trying to make sense why there isn't an obvious outcry from dissatisfied americans calling for the rhetoric war to end, and then politely ask for their consciousness back. This thread isn't going to be another "we are being brainwashed" threads, or at least not mainly. I am posing a question and genuinely would like the answers from different personalities here.


Latin ~govern~ (Control)
Latin ~mente~ (Mind)

Government = Control mind's

Okay leaving out all of the conspiracy theories on 9/11 and such. Leaving out the Terror Level monitor that no one really knows what to do when it changes. Leaving out that JFK said, "There's nothing to fear but fear itself." And leaving out that we still want to believe our country is beautful and rightous.

Now I want to bring our clear heads to a few paradoxical events that need addressed.

Check these breaking stories that was on the front of every paper and every media outlet for a few days to induce fear.

cell phones
Sears Tower
Miami Docks

I just want to list a few, but my point is that why do we need to be force fed these breaking stories that in most cases turns out to be frivolous at best? What happened to our governments keeping these things to themselves?

I obviously know the answers to these questions, but I still hope I'm wrong. Are there literally brainwashing sessions taking place? The anxiety that these terror illusions can generate will rip apart a society from within. Why can't we focus on forgeting, rather than being reminded by our own government. Okay, sorry to rant, I just read about the Miami "scare" that just turned out to be miscommunication with dock workers.


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