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It makes you think..

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posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 10:31 AM
Hey everyone, I'm Andy. This is my first "post" on this board, so try not to be so impressed by my "uber" typing skills
I'm not to great at spelling also, people.. so try to bare with me ;\.

Alright then, on to my point. I have experienced several (hundreds) odd and possibly disturbing events that have happened to me throughout my life. Most of them I try not to believe, me being an intelligent individual that can't normally force myself into thinking that someone is telling the truth. So for this, I try to forget most so called "paranormal abilities".. but I'll explain some of the odd instances that have been revealed to me.

Ok, you might first want to know about how I stand on this subject. First of all, anyone who as actually had these so called "gifted" abilities, will agree with me fully on my views about it. I think that they are curses. By curses I mean, I have barely any way to control this things, and almost always did they have to do with harming someone else. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I locked most everything that I had to do with paranormal abilities away in my mind. Rarely do I see these curses anymore, mostly because I could actually find that way to hide them when I was 13.

Most people don't understand what I mean when I try to explain or talk to them about this subject, probably because they have never experienced it before. I will not go into detail or into explanations about what has happened to me, if you want information just send me an email or something. I will say this though; Anyone who believes in what others say about these so called abilities are not blind, but are possibly smarter than you could imagine. The druggy that sits in your class, failing every single subject could be the smartest person you can talk to. If you people on here have anything against others that are not like yourselves, I pity you. "Even the oddest star has a shine"

Note: This isn't a good post or anything of the sort, just a mind getter. Don't judge me so quickly

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 02:18 PM
I have been interested in paranormal abilities my entire life and have recently spoken to a person a with a specific ability and am now convinced these abilities exist. If you don't mind sharing with me, I would be interested to know what abilities in particular you have, and your experiences with them. My email is Thanks

posted on May, 5 2005 @ 03:19 AM
it's funny when people talk abilities. I believe completly. But failing to see these "powers" are anything more than a gift from something that is right there and is watching, is fairly foolish. It's fun to feel and act like super people, but we're rats in a maze. Try useing these abilities to communicate with that silent, alien eye.

Do you know how to unlock the 'curse'? mabye you're old enough now to chanel the reiki to help modify the 'openess' you once posessed.

can't hurt to try right?

(I too have painful 'visions' of death and destruction. I know what you mean by locking it up. The NWO of human thought wants nothing to do with it, so our gift is a white elephant. I'm sure we can change it though, or atleast our understanding of it.)

posted on May, 5 2005 @ 03:54 AM
I don't see these as "powers" or "curses". I view them simply as abilities; the same as having the ability to open your eyes to see what's around you. It's true that not everyone has these "abdnormal" abilities, but everyone's different.

I'm an artist. I do not consider artistic ability to be a power or a curse either. Everytime hear a person say, "I wish I could draw," it amazes me. I could not imagine not being able to create these images. In my mind, it seems simple: think of an image, pick up pencil or brush, move hand accordingly. But to others it's the most strange and foreign thing.

I understand how sometimes these things can feel like a curse though. Not that being an artist has any adverse side effects. However, paranormal abilities can sometimes make people afraid. Sometimes they can even make you a target; a target to normal and paranormal forces alike.

A lot of this fear comes from fear of the unkown. Being afraid of things you know nothing about is a perfectly natural and healthy instinct. It's kept humans alive for ages. The way fear works, if you don't know whether something is dangerous or not, why chance it?

The other part of this fear comes from the known. Sometimes you are certain that something can harm you; or you are at least convinced it can. Unfortunately, there are times when you can do nothing but face these fears head on, or flee from them. And fleeing gets old after a while.

I do not think you should view these abilities as curses. If you do not know how to control some of these things, then you should learn how. Some gifts just need to be polished a little more than others.

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