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Provoke building underground to cause colapse?

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posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 06:44 AM
After the towers were hit would it be possible to set an explosion off under the towers to cause a shift to force impact in the levels hit by planes?

I am talking in the earth. Not at some base pillars or any part of the building.
Maybe like explosions to create pockets so the building would shift just enough so the upper areas would have a quick downward stress.

Ever see the footage of a huge army ship, could of been an aircraft carrier that had a torpedo blown off under the water. I mean really far under the water. It created an air pocket with such force when it reached the boat it cracked it in two and this was not some wooden boat this was huge metal boat. And we're talking air pocket from an explosion well under the ship. I know the movement of water versus earth would be different but this is just to get a better mental picture.

I have seen much talk of the fuel would not have been hot enough etc etc. So I figured how would I do it so no evidence would be seen,thought or found. I am sure when they were done at the site there would be no need to dig into the earth beyond whatever sub structure was already there.

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