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Wierd Weather

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posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 08:25 AM
Hi, I live in Melbourne Australia and since new years eve the nightly news weather people have been saying rain and thunder storms for Melbourne.
Its been somewhat of a heatwave here of late and night after night we have been waiting for blessed rain. Not once since new years eve has it rained.

Yesterday again we where told to expect thunderstorms and rain today.

Today reached 34c and its been like this for days on end, not to mention nights that dont drop below 24c, so tonight as a coolish change blew in from the west I sat on my balcony and watched a huge back storm roll in. You could smell the rain, the wind picked up greatly and Im sure there will be reports of wind damage around the state, but guess what?

Not a single drop of rain

I watched the biggest and blackest storm clouds vaporize before my very eyes.
One of the weirdest things Ive ever witnessed. In the space of 15 - 20 minutes, I watched black clouds vanish.
No they didn't blow away as the sky was moving quite slowly, even though the wind was so strong this evening. They went from massive black thick clouds, to a grey, to a lighter shade of grey, the whole time kind of shrinking and parting, until eventually I could see clear sky.

Strangest thing Ive ever seen ...


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