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Denver Airport

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posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 08:03 AM
Just to bring some serious discussion i'd like to direct your attention towards the old topic about denver masonic airport.

Note, prediction is that Jewish-American , Native American and Blacks are the races "they would like to splice out" first.

Upon doing further readings, underground base could be used as a first nazi style concentration camp.
"In addition, there are areas in the underground that have chain-link fences with the barbed wire tops pointed inward, like they were there to keep people in, not keep people out. "
"These shafts are huge and run along adjacent to the tramline on both sides. So, there are two of these huge shafts large enough to fit a two-lane highway in there. There ar every few openings into and out of the tram shaft, but at the end of them, going out into this 50 square miles of acreage is a huge steel door that would facilitate the entrance of a great big truck. It could be used for almost anything, but what is so unusual about it is that about every five or six feet on the ceiling, across almost the full width of the area, there is a pipe with three or four sprinkler heads. "

"They say that this place looks like some underground "holding area"...somewhat like a cattle lot....a place that could hold thousands of people. The gates, fences.... "

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posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 08:29 AM

The old site you posted certainly makes this seem like an ominous installation in Denver. However, a closer look at the following link:

Shows another side of the story. There are seven murals in the airport art project. The two that this artist, Leo Tanguma, has painted are simply part of a larger, diverse installation.

Leo's one mural is described as:

The Children of the World Dream of Peace
by Leo Tanguma

ýThe Children of the World Dream of Peaceţ is a powerful mural expressing the artistÝs desire to abolish violence in society. One part of the diptych exhibits the tragedy and devastation of war and its impact on humanity. The mural then moves to images of smiling children dressed in folk costumes from around the world celebrating peace prevailing over war.

The other:

n Peace and Harmony with Nature
by Leo Tanguma

ýIn Peace and Harmony with Natureţ addresses environmental issues of the world. One side of the mural shows children pouring out great sadness over the destruction and extinction of life ˝ human, flora and fauna. The other part depicts humanity coming together to rehabilitate and celebrate nature and its diversity.

If you do a few simple Google searches on the artist, you'll discover this is his style (Haut Chicano Surealism in art circles) and these are his reocurring themes.

Moral of the story, don't rely on one source for your information.

posted on Nov, 18 2002 @ 07:42 AM
I was just in Denver this summer, and spent over an hour taking pictures of the murals and the plaques next to them (sorry, my camera is not digital

The murals are pretty benign. The only suspicious thing about the Denver airport is a huge masonic symbol in the floor (I believe in C concourse) at the exit to one of the subway cars, and even that is easily explained by the fact that there are alot of Masons in the area with a great deal of influence.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 02:09 PM
what about the dedication stone in the "great hall" with the masonic symbol which dedicates the airport to the new world order commission?????

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 03:16 PM
I have a stop-over in Denver on my return flight this weekend. I'm travelling with a digital camera, so if I do have enough time while transferring, I'll be sure to snap some pictures and share it with this thread.


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