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Image Hotlinking and CoralCDN

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 04:55 AM
As you are obviously aware when using the bbcode to display an image, instead of the image you will receive an External Image link that will take you to the site where the image is hosted.

As i understand it this is to limit the impact on smaller sites and reduce any drain on their bandwidth. Which is discussed here

Although this is a good idea it does to some degree reduce the experience of reading ATS. When reading a thread you have to open up other pages to get to images instead of being able to see them along with the text. Because of this i was wondering if you had ever though about implementing some kind of bbcode tag that would take advantage of Content Distribution Network like Coral? Currently with Coral to take advantage of it all you have to do is append to any url and instead of being sent to the original server you will be taken to the Coral network. Take ATS for instance

This would be ideal for pictures as it would effectively eliminate and bandwidth impact on the site the picture is hosted on.

You could create a new bbcode tag that just rewrote the picture URL to append and then displayed it on the page.

Here is a link to the Coral site if you want to take a look

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