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(WHNWC) Steppin' Out

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 03:59 AM
Here's a story I wrote that involves a television weather report.

Journal Entry #1

Escrow went through last Wednesday, and finally got moved into my new house today! My very first house! This is a big step, at least for me, so I’ve decided to try something I’ve never done before: I’m going to start writing a diary in this notebook. It may seem a little silly, but being a single guy in a big new house can get a little lonely at times, so I figured, what the hell? Besides, I enjoy sitting out here on the porch at five o’clock, when the sun is setting over the pine trees.

One of the things I just love about this place is the location: just beyond the porch are thousands of acres of un-developed forest land - I think it’s a national park or something. I took a walk there yesterday and found a dirt trail that lead to this nice little meadow. It’s so quiet tonight; the only sounds are a couple of howls in the distance. Coyotes? I start my new job tomorrow.

Journal Entry #2

This new job is going to be a lot tougher than I thought. Stayed late today so I could take some more notes on our proprietary database. I’d better learn it quick, because the guy I’m replacing moves to the branch office next week. Gave Mom a call and she’s fine.
The sunset over the pines is even better tonight, thanks to some beautiful dark clouds on the horizon. I think I’ll paint the kitchen brown.

Journal Entry #3

I think I’m in trouble. At around three-o’clock the weather report said something about an extremely low-pressure system coming down from the north, and so I took a look outside and saw these enormous, black, fast-moving clouds in the sky. It was an awesome sight, so I thought I’d try sketching it for my diary. Couldn’t see it through the pines, though, so I put on my jacket, went into the woods, and took that same trail to the meadow.

I couldn’t find it. After following the trail for about five minutes, I started to think I took a wrong turn somewhere, so I turned back. Now it’s five o’clock, I’ve been hiking for over an hour, and the weather is looking downright nasty. Which way is east? I can’t tell because of the clouds. I don’t even have a flashlight – only my pencil and this stupid journal. Damn it’s cold! I’ll try calling for help.

Journal Entry #4

I spent last night huddled under some pine branches, shivering and listening to the wind. No sleep. My voice is gone; I spent all last night and all morning today calling for someone – anyone, but no answer. Must’ve walked about fifteen miles today on this rocky, dirt trail to nowhere. At least I managed to find a small creek, so I not gonna die of thirst. How do you start a fire with sticks anyway? I thought it’d be easy, but it’s not. If I could just get a single spark, I’d burn the rest of this diary for fuel. That would be nice, because it’s starting to snow.

In the past, I’ve heard stories about people drowning in three feet of water, getting lost within sight of their own house, things like that. I always used to laugh and think “how stupid can someone be for that to happen?” I’m not laughing now.

Journal Entry #5

Lost the trail today – everything’s covered with snow and it’s still snowing. My feet are wet and cold and numb and I’m hearing sounds: growling sounds from some kind of animal. Do they have mountain lions here? All I can think of is a warm bed and a hot meal. I still haven’t slept or eaten anything in the past two nights and now I can’t go anywhere because the snow’s too deep. Stuffed some blank pages from the journal into my shoes and jeans for insulation, but I’m afraid to use all of it. I want to write some more entries – before I die.

I’m going to build a shelter.

Journal Entry #6

It’s been two days since my last entry. Stayed in my shelter today, and the weather is improving a little. I’m still hearing hearing growls at night(no it’s not my stomach). Something is out there, watching my every move.

Today I thought, how can someone see me? How would know I need help? I thought about going into the snow and making a big X on the ground, but that won’t work because I can’t walk anymore – my feet are frozen and useless. Besides, I’m too weak already. Even pinecones look appetizing.

Journal Entry #7

Got excited today because I heard a plane overhead. Then it was gone, and started to get pretty depressed. No one’s coming. No one knows I’m here.

Another storm is moving in, and it’s getting cold again.

Journal Entry #8

Havint wrote in 4 days. If u find ths please tell famly I luv them. Cant rite much now its too cold and my fingrs hurt. Feet turng black. Talkd to the mountan lion yetrday. He told me I’l be dead soon.

Journal Entry #9

Things are returning to normal, at least as normal as they can ever be. On Monday I was spotted by two members of the search party who were riding through the area on snowmobiles, and they took me to an urgent care facility here in Seattle. I’d been missing for over two weeks. Mom and Dad flew in yesterday, and boy are they glad to see me! Today was a good day for all of us, despite the news that I’m going to lose both feet. I don’t know when I’ll be getting back to work. Maybe I’ll sell the house – too many bad memories.

I haven’t decided what to do with this diary yet. Maybe I’ll burn it after all.

[edit on 5-1-2007 by Flatwoods]

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 12:21 PM
A nice story about a WICKED storm.
You must live in Seattle...hope this story is fiction.

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