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White house propeganda : Iran and Iraq

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 12:53 AM
Iranians 'up to no good' in Iraq

Five Iranians arrested by US troops in Baghdad last month were on a covert mission to influence Iraq's government, British officials have told the BBC.

The five men were senior intelligence officers "up to no good", an unnamed official told the Newsnight programme.

The arrests caused a diplomatic row when it became clear that the Iranians, who have since been released, had been invited by the Iraqi government.

Tehran has protested to the US, saying some of the men were diplomats.

The White House has suggested the arrests validated US claims of Iranian "meddling" in Iraq.

SOURCE : Iranians up to no good.


What the hell is that supposed to mean "up to no good"? They are ****ing diplomats, their purpose is to establish relations with other countries. Which is exactly what they were doing! The fact that they are Iranian doesnt make them 'bad' or 'up to no good'... they are establishing relations, plain and simple.

This is yet another media feed, that is feeding off current right wing ideals that Iran = bad. It's rediculous how obvious that this is a load of propeganda originating from the curent US administration.

And even in Iran was 'medelling' in Iraq, what does that matter? Compared to what the US has done in Iraq, anything an Iranian diplomat can do can be conpared to a 'funny look' in relation to the death toll the US Administration has caused Iraq.

Pure and simple propeganda... be on the watch for more crap like this.

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