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The Toronto Maple Leafs. How much money do they need?

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 06:10 PM
I know the Leafs aren't very popular so this thread should take off.

Everyone knows about the whining, it's declined this year under Maurice, BUT do you know what they do to THEIR OWN FANS?

The Leafs are the 2nd richest team in the NHL, behind the Wings:


You would think that they have enough cash but NO! They started up Leafs TV, not unprecidented, see YES(Yankie Entertainment) BUT Leafs TV broadcasts 15% of all Leafs games exclusively, only way to get those games are to PAY for this service. Now, of those 12 games, only 3 are home games.


Don't worry about home games. Try to get a decent ticket, you'll pay a premium. Raping hard core fans? You haven't seen anything yet. NOW you can go to an IMAX in Toronto to see these games. MORE MONEY.

You would think with all of this revenue coming in they could have put a Stanley Cup winning team on the ice in the last 40 years. It's all about the CASH though. Did you know that the 49% stock holder in the Leafs are the Ontario Teachers Retirement Fund? Damn good investment imo.

Let the flaming(of the team, not me) begin. I just happen to live in the area.

Edit: This BB code is killing me. DAMN.

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 06:23 PM
Not just the Leafs doing this kind of thing.

I belive 16 games are on PPV for the Canucks (My Team), and what do you get for those games?

Lesser Quality Programing (Non-HD)
Lesser Quality Announcers
Oooo! After Game Show (which I wouldnt watch)

I really think this whole PPV thing is a scam. And yes, like the example you put above... these are all scams to get more money out of our pocket.

Im sure the TV stations would just come back with some stat showing that they only profit from a minor % of the revenue of these games... But when you have to pay the cable bill each month, and PPV if you want it, and then private channel broadcasts.... Thats where I draw the line.

Id rather not watch Hockey then put out more money than a cable bill already takes.

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