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Why racism is propagated

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 01:41 PM

I am first generation in the USA my parents both from Europe. I have spent many years in Europe myself and know exactly what you are talking about when you say the Racism isn't a big issue, but in the US the media really plays a major role, in that, it adds fuel to the fire all the time. Our society is in the US is divided because we allow the media, government, and laws to do so. Many people in the USA want something for nothing and believe it is their right, they don't want to get off of their lazy behinds and demand welfare take care of them, this is very bad for them and future generations.

If they don't get the welfare then they cry discrimination or that you people are holding us back, to which I think....WHAT! Me? My people where in Europe back in those times and the people you speak of are all dead, time to move on and do better for yourselves. The USA still has many many opportunities everywhere to be found, but people don't want to work a crappy job because it is below them.

Why is it that every race, religion, etc that has come to the USA in the past 100 years seems to do better than the african-americans that whine about everything? Reason those people that come to the USA will take any job that is offered to them, my parents did it and I did it, then you work your way up to higher positions and better finances, this breeds confidence. Somewhere along the line everyone is at the bottom, but you don't need to stay there.

The only person that holds an individual back is personal choices. And trust me I understand about poverty and having nothing or very little to eat, but with opportunity all around you can change it all. Sometimes you just have to work a crappy job and get an education to do better for yourself, but the fact remains do something instead of looking for hand outs.

Originally posted by st3ve_o
i must admit due to the fact america being an immigration country, theres sooo many racist people around its quite shocking

of course everybody knows about america in the 50's/60's, but on the net you see it quite a lot from americans 50 years on (not just ats) i go on many chat forums and about 20 mins ago actaully ive just saw a white american male saying "its probably a negro" talking about a picture of a white women holding her baby, because she's censored the babys face out.

in england we don't really see too much of it, of course some european countrys are quite racist spain for one, but in england it isn't really an issue.

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 02:12 PM

i don't get your point, nowhere in your post it covers the main issue of this thread and that is 'racism'.

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 03:09 PM

If they don't get the welfare then they cry discrimination or that you people are holding us back, to which I think....WHAT!

Many Many black men and women work multiple jobs to make ends meet and try and provide for their families. Many of them are black women who go at it alone with NO handouts.

The USA still has many many opportunities everywhere to be found, but people don't want to work a crappy job because it is below them.

I'm not sure if your aware of how many companies have moved good paying jobs oversea's but the number over the last 10 years is some research. When our president says that over 100,000 new jobs were created he fails to tell you that most were in the "service" industry not Management, IT, or Banking. It is not that Americans will not accept crappy's that they won't work crappy jobs that won't adequately take care of their familys. Even the Mexicans quickly learned what inflation and the real world were all about and stormed court houses across the country recently screaming about benefits, pay, and health care. Do you think it's just a coincidence that Minimum Wage hasn't been raised in a decade?

Why is it that every race, religion, etc that has come to the USA in the past 100 years seems to do better than the african-americans that whine about everything?

You have a warped concept of our American History. A lot of people seem to have a hard time discussing some of our current issues and recent events in respect to it's historical timeline. Less than 150 years ago, they were slaves. Less than 50 years ago African Americans weren't allowed to sit in the same movie theatre as you. In the grand scheme of things, it hasn't been that long. There are so many invisible hands that play specific roles in this cycle that to sum it up in the manner you did shows a true lack of knowledge about your own country's history. I suppose African Americans also bring in the billions of dollars of coc aine and herion too right?

Somewhere along the line everyone is at the bottom. The only person that holds an individual back is personal choices.

You are wrong, some people are born with silver spoons in their mouth with access to recources and info not available to all. True indeed that African Americans cannot blame the past but work together to move forward but that's another story in itself. You mentioned the media...yes it is by design just as certain laws are. You can be Russian, Austrailian, Scottish, or Dutch but in the eyes of the media you are white and all other indigenous immigrants have not been slaves in this country to understand it's generational affects.

Affirmative Action is a bad thing, YES but landing a good job is more about "who" you know, not your degree or college attended as most good jobs are not advertised. If the media regularly had shows dedicated to positive minority related topics such as becoming Dr.'s, Dentist, Biz Owners, helping one another maybe young minds could be transformed. Can't happen if all they watch is MTV and listen to negative rap music. It all starts with the parents who should spend more time teaching their kids the values of hard work, paying dues, and the benefits of diversity. I know I do. For what it's worth, I know a lot of blacks who hate living where they do, the drugs, the violence and many are and have made positive changes. As two final notes, if England or Isreal had the poverty, famine, and disease as Africa does there would be riots everywhere until things were different. Think about it. Lastly, I get sick and tired of the African American, Asian American, Mexican American rhetoric..this is ALL the media. Why can't we all just be Americans? When a black or latino soldier dies, the headline doesn't read "Spanish-American dies in combat" but in all other apsects of our society including text books it is this way which only perpetuates racism.

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by st3ve_o

i don't get your point, nowhere in your post it covers the main issue of this thread and that is 'racism'.

My entire posts are in regards to "racism" people can spin it how they want with symantics, but racism is a loaded word and has many synonyms associated with the term. Also if you have never lived in the USA for an extended period, then it would be impossible for you to understand what people in the USA are really talking about when they speak of racism.

Racism means many things to many people and different things to different people based on knowledge. First you have to define exactly what it means. Most races choose to stay with their own by choice, some venture out but most want to be excepted by their own, even if thungs are bad.

Here is Wikipedia definition of Racism.

My Definition of Race is the human race, one race, this is why the term "Racism" is loaded, the word by it self promotes negative reactions.

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 06:30 PM
Ive just re-read your post again and think i get what your talking about,

see man, if anyone should be racist here it should be ‘african descents‘, we (UK/US) forced them to come over here, scrub our toilets and massage our feet, but things have moved on now, the human race in the 21st century are an 'equal' race, yet SOME still live in this old rule/making jokes about blacks/still thinking we are a class above.

these jokes mainly come from the United States because america was the main nation involved in the slave trade, these jokes/racist comments have been passed on through the years to white familys and they are still told today and IT’S WRONG.

all this 'blacks don't want jobs' business is #e, i suspect a lot of the black community in the US live in rural areas because they were put there, once you get housed in these areas its difficult to work your way up.

nations still do it now, the muslim community who immigrate to western nations will never get put into beverly hills (for example) they will always get housed in rural area.

watching Fahrenheit 9/11, not a great source I know (but theres truth in it), and that truth is these rural areas in america don't have great employment schemes to get people into education/training, so most black american’s only option (if not from a wealthy background) is the military.

but people do better themselves and many african decedents are some of the most smartest and powerful people in the world (ie:- Kofi Annan UN)

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 07:25 PM

I think that you need to see the Muslims that we have in our are of Michigan. We have the biggest population outside of the middle-east in Dearborn where I live and they are the hardest working and some of the wealthiest in Michigan. They came to the USA with almost nothing starting in the early 70's and now they are doing very well.

With the african-americans many are not able to get off of what they are told as soon as they are born and 95% is by their own people. It is not 200 years ago they are no longer slaves, time to move on. Words are powerful indeed, but people do have the choice on how to react to them. If someone had opportunities all around them, but they used excuses instead of the options I have a hard time with feeling sorry for them over and over. It's ok to get a boost from the system(and I mean welfare if you need it) but to go on for generation after generation and expect it and blame others because of something that happened hundreds of years ago...hmmmm, i just don't buy it.

SteveO I do agree with you about how they are treated, but in order to be treated a certain way you have to allow someone to do it to you. Many of my family when they came to the USA in the 50's and 60's weren't even allowed to ride on the back of a garbage truck, now they own many of the resturants, construction companys, are lawyers, judges, Mayors, and Senators. I am talking mainly about the Italian-American's.

I am also half Scottish my father from Glasgow and my mother from Italy.

My father came to the US with the equvilent of 7 dollars US and no where to stay except a shelter he struggle for many years until he was drafted into the service then he found a great boost from the Army and education, after 4 years he came out of the service and found a great job with Honeywell, then started his own business and is now a retired multi-millionare. I guess he could have blamed his oppression and downfall on the Brittish like many Scots do or that Scottland where he lived was a #hithole and poverty sticken, but he didn't, he got up off his arse and pushed himself into a stable world that he created with a lot of hard work. No excuses just focus and hard work. I have seen people with 3rd grade educations in the USA work really hard in construction and built a multi-million dollar business many times.

It's about believing in oneself, and not giving a shiite about what the other person thinks about you or does to you. I treat people with the same respect they treat me with and if they don't treat me well I ignore that person and move on, why waste energy on people that will hold you back.

Excellent conversation on this subject with you SteveO, you made me think just a little bit deeper on this subject.

posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by Political Veto
Great post Realtruth.

Maybe off-topic somewhat, but I'm not willing to eliminate all forms of affirmative action until universities stop dishing out preferences for legacies (daddy attended so daddy's boy gets preference). This is a clear advantage based on social status.

Yeah, but daddies with money come in all colors. Michael Jordan's kid will get in. Kobe's Kid will get in.

I being white and not rich had no such advantage. Make affirmitive action based on economic status and I'm all for it. Base it on color or ethnicity and to hell with it. Not all white people are rich and "privileged". Not all "minorities" are poor and "oppressed".

In all truth when a person works hard and succeeds in life their kids should have advantages based on what they have earned. I'll be damned if I kill myself working all day for my kid and someone who sits around all day can give their kid the same.

My parents didn't go to college, I currently am. It will be an automatic that my kids do too. And I'll bust my ass at work to pay for it and I'll have to take out loans, but hey will go because I make it a priority instead of having a flashy car and rims and diamond earings and hanging out and not showing up to work.

By the way the perference is just getting into the college they still pay alot of money to go. A good portion of which subsidizes those who can not afford to go without help.

posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 09:53 PM
I think we generally agree American Madman. I mispoke when I implied college admission based on a legacy is wrong because it's based on social status. Family history should not be a factor in determining admissions.

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 05:44 AM
Woe has this thread been hijacked by the university thing AGAIN

posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 07:31 AM
Probably everybody has someone in their family or circle for people that they have tried to help out for years and finally you give up and get on with your own life. I live in Benton Harbor Michigan zip 49022 look it up not a pretty place 5 years ago. But now the community is moving from handouts to get outs raising property taxes and rent and not taking any grief from those who don't want to participate in life in America. Yes I'm white 50 years old and have given up on helping those who won't help themselves. As the local anti Habatat for Humanity shirt says " Spend your time this week helping someonw who won't give you the time of day next week"


posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by hotpinkurinalmint

Originally posted by Peyres
What? That is disgusting.

So its just white people that are inherently racist and should be ashamed of themselves?

There are built in prejudices in society, yes..since the dawn of time in-fact. Every person on earth, from whatever race, will feel more confident around their own. There is scientific proof behind this.

Why have you singled out white people in your rant. And then you have gone on to suggest it is a vast corporate conspiracy.

There is a massive problems with crime within black communities, due to low educational attainment, communities concentrated in poorer areas etc (and don't try and claim that white teachers fail them, i've seen teachers spat at daily and they've still tried their best to give kids a right to an education)

In my experiences there are a lot of people from ethnic miniorities that are more outwardly racist, as they are allowed to be by the PC brigade.

[edit on 4-1-2007 by Peyres]

You are right in that many problems that exist in the Black community are self inflicted, and that many minorities harbor racist attitudes, and yes a double standard does exist. I am not speaking about racism in general, but a particular type of racism, an irrational fear of Black people and other minorities. The fact some Black person can call me a honkey or cracker with little risk of censure, or that a particular Black person is poor because they chose to drop out of high school is not what this thread is about.

This thread is about the White person who travels spends four hours a day driving, because consciously or unconsciously, he is trying to avoid Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, or other minorities. This thread is about the white person that is willing to give up his rights and live in a police state, out of fear of being a victim of a crime perpetrated by minorities like Minority gang members or Islamic terrorists.

I think in the West, the dominant political ideology is clearly a mix between liberalism and conservatism. Even if someone doesn't claim to be conservative (as its not cool) western societies thrived under social cohesion and stability. Even the states in the Middle East and Conservative and share the same view point, there must be social cohesion, and this is achieved through common values

Now I'm not advocating facism, but it's clear to see that multi-cultural society's are struggling to maintain order. The riots in France, the veil debate in the UK etc. People struggle to relate to others that view the world in a different light. There are areas where there is cohesion between different cultures, but this will only happen when immigrants come into a nation willing to respect the indigineous people, the history of the nation and the way of life. Lots of people do, I've grew up meeting some truly magical people that have come from all over the world, they respect me, and my country and so do I. When it doesn't happen, who can blame families from keeping themselves to themselves. Its human nature to seek security.

It is not a vast conspiracy to get people to buy fancy houses and cars, or to bring in draconian laws, and this so called conspiracy is not purely being instigated by the White elite. We are all to blame for our divisions, mis-conceptions and prejudices.

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