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Yes Man by Danny Wallace...

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 02:11 PM
Many British ATS users may know who Danny Wallace is others may not,
But he has written a few books and he has a few TV programmes.
Many may know who Dave Gorman is well they have worked together on occasion.

Anyway "Yes Man" written by Danny Wallace is a hilarious well written
Non-Fiction story about how Danny himself was feeling a bit down because of how his life was going.
Well one day on the bus a man Said to him "Say Yes More" so he does, infact he sets himself a challenge that for the rest of the year he can only say YES, it leads him into some very funny situations and a series of events that changes the way he views his life from then on.

I seriuosly recommend this book to anyone, it doesn't really have a target audience, and I garantee you will enjoy it.

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