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Middle East See Little Hope In Palestinian

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 09:56 AM
Many papers in the middle east see little to no hope of progress for a lasting peace in the Palestinian territories. This comes after renewed factional tensions and violence in Gaza. One commentator warns of Iraqisation of the situation and fears infighting will end the truce between Hamas and Fatah. Other comments are the infighting needs to be ended by setting a date for achieving the goad and the aim of forming a government. Also, the past few months have proven that the leaders are incapable of restraining the followers who are armed and fattened.
Against the background of renewed factional tensions and violence in Gaza, papers in the Middle East see little hope of progress in the Palestinian territories.

One Palestinian commentator warns of an "Iraqisation" of the situation and fears infighting will derail the fragile truce between Hamas and Fatah.

Elsewhere, the Arabic press questions how successful international moves to broker peace in the region will be, given the reality on the ground.

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I don't really think it took a genius to see this. Since the violence broke out a few years back there has pretty much been no stop to the violence. Every time some level of peace is brokered the next day there is a bomb going off, or a missile being fired somewhere. What I am glad to see is the papers pointing out that the violence is hurting the Palestinians and it needs to stop. The infighting between Hamas and Fatah was mentioned several times also. Personally I see little hope of this ending any time soon.

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