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Only Alien Intervention can save us from ourselves

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 07:22 AM
Humans are a greedy evil group. They will never let go of any advantage and power they control. All of this ties in with money, something that will never go away unless forced to.

I dont recall where I read it, but the next war we will fight will be against aliens. I think it was in the disclosure project books but basically the war has been planned for a long long time. The last war against terrorism was planned also but the war against aliens is the big one. It will allow us to unite into a one-world govt and give the money controllers unlimited funds to fight another war.

In my opinion the war will be a necessity but hopefully the aliens are so superior that it ends immediately. Only then can the aliens force the money masters from power and real change can begin.

I want them to force us to put an end to war, corruption, poverty, famine, disease, etc. The only way that could happen unfortunately is probably to conquer us hopefully with some non-violent means like a show of force.

Once they show us they could wipe us out in the blink of an eye, the goverments of the world would be forced to lay down their arms. Then the changes can begin...

The biggest change would be the removal of money. It certainly is the root of all evil. Its why we murder, supress cures for disease, hold back new technologies, and fight wars. Once money is gone, the rest of our problems would quickly disappear.

1. Technology would flourish. Besides what the aliens teach/give us, surpressed technology like zero point energy will be allowed to reach the public.

2. pollution ends almost overnight. no more greedy sob's forcing oil down our throat while the world warms up.

3. war is done. no reason to fight over resources when money isnt the focal point of society anymore. war also ends because we will unite into a one-world goverment so nobody is fighting over territory. Note, Im against a one-world gvt founded by humans but support one with alien intervention.

4. The end of money means no more poverty. People working for the good of society and equal distribution of the resources would mean everyone has all they want.

5. diseases - ties in with money, since it doesnt exist folks would actually work towards cures and not just medicines that allow you to live with it (no money in the cure). Of course the alien probably have the technology to cure most of human diseases.

6. population control - lets face it, its needed. studies have shown that the planet can sustain 3.5 billion people without using up natural resources. We currently have 6 billion and climbing. By 2050 it will reach 10 billion, thats quite a strain on resources.

Unfortunately a small percentage of men control the world's wealth. These men will never let a no-money society exist. It will definitely take some sort of war to force change upon them. These men will call me a communist with such radical ideas as equal distribution of wealth and no money but that doesnt have to mean we all live in poverty lik they would want you to believe. Fact is there are enough resources for us to all live comfortably without want or need.

How many potential Edisons / Einstein / Gallileo are out there right now working in meaningless jobs because lack of money forced them into it ? How many great inventions are lost because people cant choose to work in a field that interests them ?

Come on aliens, we need your help because the wealthy elite certainly arent going to give up power without a bloody fight.

posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 08:10 AM
Turn aliens into messiah's?

I foresee religious ufo sects

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