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Afrikaner survival in South Africa

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 04:31 AM

Much can be read about what is going on in South Africa but it is difficult for the outside world to realize that the cause of destruction of Africa was white dispossesion.

Zimbabwe used to be the "bread basket" of Africa and now it is a starving nation along with most of the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, because white farmers were killed and their black substitutes knew nothing of mechanized or modern farming.

Currently in South Africa the political situation is tenuous - what had made South Africa strong is now its most vulnerable organ. But this does not mean that like in other nations going through decolonialization did the blacks in South Africa strike a killing blow on their white masters.

Instead the situation is volatile where Afrikaners create their own private police forces to counter corrupt black police.

Afrikaners create more businesses to employ whites since Blacks force businesses to hire no more than 10% whites.

Blacks dominate all leadership positions whether or not they are qualified and put English or Indians into their right hand positions for supporting them - causing them to do all the intellectual work.

Leaving Afrikaners at a middle level they cannot climb out of and the rest seething mass majority of blacks in dirt poverty that the current government has no plans to alleviate.

While South Africa takes a better position than Rhodesia did in its over-throw of white rule, its current position is still reverse discrimination which prevents the full potential of economic growth that can be seen in South Africa.

Many in the world complain about the middle east, or china but forget that Africa relies on South Africa entirely for support - South Africa providing power to most of the southern african nations.

And South Africa is killing her strongest source of capital slowly by trying to bleed them of their wealth and distribute it to a people not trained in capitalist way of life.

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