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Iraq's political leaders are failing the country

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posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 07:20 PM

When I was rescued from terrorists in Baghdad by Iraqi forces, I thought this was proof positive that US policy in Iraq was working. American and coalition forces were training the "new Iraqi army" and empowering its members to take control of their own destiny.

My captors were caught by Iraqis and tried in an Iraqi court in the room adjacent to where Saddam Hussein was being tried. My captors were found guilty and are serving life terms in an Iraqi jail.

But things changed when Nouri al-Maliki was elected prime minister of Iraq with the decisive support of the terrorist-turned-politician Moqtada al-Sadr. Sadr's Mahdi Army and the Shiite death squads are now running amok, killing Sunni citizens. Instead of inciting his flock against US and coalition forces, Sadr joined the political process, and he and some of his supporters were elected to government.


In some ways this article backs up some of my opinions including the fact that people should be screened before they enter the local police and military forces. while the article dosnt say that a political soloution to Iraq's problems is impossible the article hardly says anything that will make me doubt my point of view.

If the government of Iraq had been build from the ground up rather then starting with the roof in the future the right quality of leaders would have been available to lead Iraq.


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