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Muslim Anti-Terrorist Activist Murdered

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posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 02:07 PM
Bodrul I understand what you ment and agree with you.

Originally posted by semperfortis
Anytime someone mentions the atrocities committed by these animals, immediately the defense is brought out, "Well the United States does worse." How ridiculous and asinine a statement, so completely without intellectual merit as to be shocking coming from some members here, and yet one can find it popping up all over ATS.

Because it is true, not just a 'defence'. The few beheadings are nothing compared to all the torture and cruel deaths USA and UK soldiers cause the civilians in Iraq. A few beheaded westerners do not make up 250 000 dead Iraqs.

Did your parents not teach you that two wrongs do not make a right?

So that is your excuse? Sombody leveled the WTC so in revenge they kill 250 000 Iraqs... isn't this doing two wrongs...

where Americans took the head off of an Iraqi, or any muslim for that matter. Strange how that is just not out there.
could not find one instance of an American strapping a bomb on and killing any civilians.

You are not looking then. The US and UK bombs, rockets and bullets rain on innocent Iraqis tearing them apart limb by limb.

'THE BOMBS THOUGH! LOOK AT THE U.S. BOMBS AND HOW THEY KILLED!") Yes, yes, *sigh* we know all about that. Sadly when a country wants democracy and wants to be liberated from a tyrant, people die. Sadly that is haw it always is. And yes, they wanted it proof in how they turned out to vote.

So you did know about the bombings! Yet you earlier proclaimed you did not find any... heh.
So you think 'they want democracy' is a good reason for US to bomb them? Bombing the voters is wery smart... not. US is not in Iraq to promote democracy. US is there because the evil political group called zionists want them there.

Still the excuses come for those that are nothing more than animals. Creatures that deserve nothing more than to be crushed under foot like the cock roaches they are. Those that would make excuses for them and their actions are no better and deserve the same lack of respect as human beings.

I take this statement to also mean that the US forces in Iraq and terrorists are both bad groups and do not deserve our respects. It also tells me that you say the same of muslims as muslim extremists say about US. Both groups seems to be equally bad, wiewed from the outside.

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posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 06:18 PM
And as you can see people, my point made exactly ^

Here they excuse Animalistic behavior by comparing it to war.

Here they excuse the murders of their own women and children by comparing it to the incredible bravery of standing up for those who can not.

Here they have compared strapping bombs on your children with courageous soldiers.

Here is compared events in War with Cock Roaches cutting off heads all while "BRAVELY" wearing masks.

My statements stand, from one that has been there and back. Statements such as the preceding are obviously not formulated by experience or even an open, honest intellectual evaluation of the post referred to. Rather only with hate and an apparent ignorance of, or tolerance of madmen.

I have seen the Iraqi people. Watched them run to the Americans anytime a car backfires. Run seeking safety from their own people. Not as you would have us believe, not the real world at all.
I have watched them run into the "Safe Houses", the "Safe Zones" we have created when one of the animals blows up their children. Run to US because they know that WE will dig their loved ones out; try to save them.

Continue on with your beliefs, as evil always needs company and must have it's supporters or it will surely die. The rest of us will continue with the truth and pray that those you support will not catch any more 12 year olds to drag through the street with their arms chopped off.

Sleep well at night, because of people like you, some Iraqi's can not.

Because of people like me, some can.


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