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There's no doubt. Celebs are Monarch Slaves

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posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 04:20 PM
I for one am constantly insulted when I go through the check out lines at the grocery store, or drug stores. I am not intrested in being assaulted by the tawdry lives of Hollywood stars..real or imagined.

It is insulting to me to see the media treat these people as if they are royalty or even have more political savy than us.

I do not worship the gods of Hollywood or even the gods of sports. No intrest in it.

It insults me to watch or listen to the news on the radio and feel the inference that somehow Hollywood or The State of California is all of America. What bunch of idiots plan and promote this type of false impression amongst us. Yet people are so bored and unstimulated in thier daily lives that they must constantly drown in this Hollywood or sports drivel.

It insults me to see the number of people around me who cannot describe some thought or idea outside of some movie they have seen or some hero from the sports field. Their thinking processes seem to have been substituted by this vicarious process. No original thinking going on in there...or in otherwords the lights are on and no one is home. They can function in thier jobs but outside of that ...they are often second hand in thinking. Someone or something else is doing thier thinking for them. Their thinking centers around the entitlement of being Amused.

The word itself Amuse..translates from


Muse-to think ponder or contemplate..

Amuse...without thinking. is the translation. Amusement ..something you do to keep from or prevent thinking.

Many of these people..their lives are a series of times and places from the television or video world..Amazing.

I am describing a drug here...a drug habit to which many people do not realize they are addicted.

It is a very sorry state of affairs when you dont have enough problems and challanges of your own that you must live through someone elses problems ...ala Oprah Winfree and other "experts." It is like many of us now live by peeping in on others. Sickening. There are also a whole host of these types of parasites making a nice living off of other peoples ignorance and lack of thinking. Amusement!!

Well ..some of you get the idea..of what I am speaking. Drugs are control....even the drug of Amusement.

However step with Dr Strangecraft...I too think some of it is defacto...but some of it is very deliberate..especially around election times. Very obvious attempts by the entertainment industry to sway public opinion or keep others from swaying public opinion.


posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 11:00 AM
Much of this hollyood drivel is exactly that ..hollywood type drivel for people who need to cede some portion of thier lives to this drug.

I do not consider this buisness with Rosanne and Donald to be worthy of my attention yet I am bombarded by people at work talking about this drivel daily. To me they are just driving up market share like Muhammad Ali and Howard Kosel did years ago. Not intrested.

I most certainly do not think Rosie is a person for whom I would follow...even to dinner. I'll make my own dinner thank you.

However I want to elaborate on a phenomonon called the "Victim Dictum" so often promoted and used by Hollywood types to control peoples thinking and emotions.

The first person I can think of who began to use this "Victum Dictum" on a nationwide scale is a fellow named Phil Donahue. There may have been others but I give this person credit for bringing this dogma/drug into our living rooms.
What began to occur is the copy cat syndrome. So many other parasites jumped on the bandwagon feeding the same drug to precondition us to this necessity of feeding us a daily diet of someone elses problems. Institutional voyerism.

What I think happened is that the body politic quickly picked up on this pre conditioning and saw its use as tool to get votes. I have seen this technique used over and over to galvanize certain groups close to election time. To keep them from individual thinking but only group hysteria. Just long enough to pull levers or push buttons in a voting booth.

In this manner these Hollywood types serve the body politic. From movies to television. It is in fact programming/conditioning. It is being foisted off on our kids in schools..our familys while most of the men are out working.

Most of these target groups are Women and young teens with time and moneys on their hands to watch this drivel and buy the products advertised during these spots. It is very effective over a period of time. Especially when there is no competition for ideas. THe reason these particular groups are targeted is that they can be more easily put on the emotional string. Much much easier.
The common denominator is that it is always an emotional string to set the hook and gaurantee certain predictable, controllable, emotional conditioning or conduct.

The tell tale sign of this is that so many people around you describe their lives and emotional satisfaction by some television program or movie they have original experiences of thier own against which to measure life.
This is a tell tale sign that they might have been drugged.

It is not just the Hollywood types on this treadmill..but the rest of us too.

It is also no different to me with sports conditioning/sports gods.

Think about it.

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 11:05 AM
i find it interesting that jim carey loves doing conspiracy videos, that many of the public just miss out on because they do not know about these subjects.

hollywood knows alot about this subject.

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 12:10 AM
I have never heard that about Jim Carey and conspiracy videos. Obviously I am not a fan of Jim Carey but what you state is intresting.

Speaking of Jim Carey...I dont see or read much about him when going through the various checkout stands in the pulp section of the tabloid drivel. I assume by this that perhapsed he is not politically correct enough or not merchandizable enough ...translate that sufficiently sleezy.

IF this is the case I give him credit for not making these cheap rags.
I salute him though I am not particulary a fan.

Thanks for the tip.

posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 04:44 AM
On that note - Carrey is set to star in "The Number 23" due out Feb. 23rd.

It deals with a conspiracy surrounding the oft mentioned "23 Curse".

EDIT : to fix bad link.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 01:06 PM

just recently became a little obsessed myself with this subject. Although manipulation of consciousness has been a subject iv'e always been interested in.

i feel we're all programmed (from birth, onto medical institutions, then into your programmer parents arms, educational institutions....the legal authorities...and our big brother the TV etc) to a certain degree. Most of this programming goes unnoticed, as we feel "we" or "I" make the decisions in our life. now as far as mind control goes everyone is a victim. we're doing it all the time. some of us are addicted to control and the manipulation of others.

now why is it hard to believe giant business executives and elites of the entertainment/fashion machine wouldn't do this to their next child star they plan to harvest for the masses to suck the blood of. sadly celebs are pretty important to our culture, they practically rule it.

an interesting thing to look into is blood and sex rituals, something ancient that is still practiced all over the world....if your in the right club. we are all aware of nazi germanys experiments with mind control and mkultra (not to mention the US today and the brainwashing and torture that goes on at home) and the likes...the whole celeb monarch thing is cake. we already look to the pop icons and all the beautiful people on the screens as symbols of success and power...the elite use them to lead the the sheep and the zombies and the little children (since were definitely tuned in and following them anyway). celebrities are a cult, and they also have a hierarchy too! just like all the other groups, there are ignorant ones, there are drones, and then there are those close to the top who are the entrusted models for all the rest....the ones who actually believe in their order and destiny etc. and its our favorite show!! we're addicted to it.

this guy keeps a close eye on the symbolism in hollywood and seems to have a bit of experience dealing with trauma based mind control and treating people with DID. Also for a look at the very real process of transforming a mind and forcing people to disassociate till they are an empty shell look here

we cant blame this on government, i feel this is a widespread disease that mankind has to face with himself. i feel that most of the world issues are mans inability to look inward and confront his shadow self and finally, LOVE himself.

good luck and godspeed


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posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 06:27 PM

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