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My story and a few questions about OOBE

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posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 01:35 AM
Here's my story... I'll keep it short to keep your attention.

-when i was a child (8-12 guessing) i had saw a female angel floating over me and drifting up when i woke up.

-i use to hear the ringing of what i know now was astral hearing, all the time when i use to lay down as a young teen.

-i use to feel the vertigo as well, like i was rocking back and forth, i would get excited because i loved this feeling, but the more i got excited the faster it left me.

-i see tiny sparkles everywhere, little tiny dots. only if i kinda zone out i guess. the docs didnt see anything wrong with my eyes, but i saw this even when my eyes were closed.

i just wanted to share this with you guys and see if it holds any significance.

Q1. Being this openminded, does it make it more likely for me to see ghosts or abnormal things?

Q2. What are the NEED TO KNOW things for OOBE. Ie. Scary # to look out for, how to reenter the body, what not to mess with, hell... What to check out.

I know i can easily do an OOBE, I've been so close to doing it my whole life and I didn't even realise it. Im just concerned...

Thanks in advanced guys!

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 03:37 AM
Things to watch out for?
My best advice would be to trust your instincts, if you are feeling uncomfortable at any point bail out. I have only once had an issue returning to my body, but after several minutes of asserting my will, I was able to return. I have heard urban myths (my friends, friends say..) but never seen anything to confirm the idea. I am also told that the areas around the pentagon, area 51 and other secret utilities are well protected by what many would term demons. I have not personally tried to view these areas.

Things to see?
Have a look at anything and everything. Some people I know love to travel among the stars, some even claim to have encountered alien ships there. I have always been more earthbound, but love the sensation of travelling so rapidly. The pyramids in Egypt are spectactular, though I imagine that many spiritual and/or ancient places are.
Going to a friends house (get their permission to try first) can also be fun, a lot of people try this to prove to others that travel is indeed possible.
Also study up on the akashic records, I don't know many people who have managed to access them - I have not been able to achieve it, but it would the epitome of the astral experience for me.
You might also want to look at remote viewing - in my experience it is very similar to astral travel, though I seem to exist in two places at the same time and am aware of both. This is much more difficult than astral for me and something I would love to have more control over.

Seeing ghosts?
I don't know if ghosts inhabit the astral realm, actually I don't know if I believe in ghosts as the spirits of the dead - I am sure that astral entities are often percieved as being ghosts. I once freaked a lady out when I moved near her and I think that she thought I was a ghost, but do not know her to confirm this experience.
Most people that are able to astral travel do have other talents, the abilities could be a sign of higher spiritual learning. I have seen several 'ghosts' and shadow people. I occasionally have insights about people or about the future, but nothing that I would attribute to any psychic power. I think that those abilities may be 'higher' or else natural talents, much like your travel seems to be. Perhaps we need a natural inclination for these talents, one that can be developed with practice.


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