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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 10:58 PM
Hi everyone, new to the forum. I was trying to think where to stick this question. Being it was GOVT related, I'll try here. If I need to place it in another place let me know.

Many are familiar with Project Stargate which was basically technical remote viewing. But I've hear about a method called "Temporary Conscious Displacement." It was supposed to be used for transferring one's conscious to their own body in the past or future. Of course it was used for other people's concious as well. However, I am more interested in the technical aspects of how this was done. So my question(s) would be:

1. Has anyone heard about this? If so will you share the info you have.

2. Is there a permanent method instead of temporary? I have heard of both.

Any info would be very interesting regarding this topic for me. Thanks.

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