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Reoccurring Dreams

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 08:56 PM
I every so often have certain dreams that are of the same city/state but not the any I have been to before. They always carry this feeling of huge importance, and I feel like I need to pay close attention whenever I have one.

In one dream I am in this strange city and I know that the end of everything as we know it is coming and I have to find my family. It a larger city and in part of it there is a tunnel for cars to go through and I am on a really fast bike (motorcycle) and I ride like a madman through this tunnel trying to get somewhere before the nukes strike. At least that is my thoughts in the dream is we are about to be nuked.

I have another one that takes place t this house on a lake. It’s in the same area as the strange city and the feeling of importance is in that one too.

The funny thing about both dreams is they almost always involve me on a fast bike, and they are always in the same area but different parts of the same city and state. Both dreams the city one and the one on the lake are always different scenarios, but the same period of time and the same feeling of foreboding.

I am sure its just basic psychology but I will sometimes have them and not remember the dreams at all, but my subconscious knows it is the same place. Its kind of creepy, and I always wake up feeling bad and usually will have a bad hair-day after the dream.

Comments snide remarks or similar experiences are appreciated!

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 09:51 PM
Just to get a sense of what these dreams may mean, could you tell us if they have been happening for weeks, months or years?

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 10:33 PM
They have been happening for quite a few years now. Always the same feel to them, kind of monochrome in feel, stone like to the touch.

I am always in full-blown save someone’s rear mode while I am in them. Adrenaline pumping and worried for others, the same way I feel when I light up a rig on a rescue run. This feeling though is like EVERYONE is in trouble and I am looking for my family to save them.

It isn’t about my current life problems.

I hope it is just a manifestation of the world’s energy being so jagged lately and not a prediction. It feels predictive though.

I will tell you a little story. I had a dream two years ago about this intersection in a city. I then moved into the area I live now and was required to do some ride alongs with the local hospital in their ambulances. I was in the jump seat, it faces rearward with the gurney at your knees the rear doors straight in front of you and on the passenger side a large side window you can look out of built into the door so you can see of the scene is unsafe.

It is very easy to get disoriented in the jump seat, because you are running code (lights and siren) and you are just going to fast for having to face backwards. We were in route to an elderly care home for a 92-year-old woman that fell. I was running the scene through my mind preparing myself for anything that may come up.

I was "in the zone"

I look out the side window, and there we were pulling up to this intersection of my dream. You have to realize how far away I was from this type of thought. I was rushing through traffic backwards, decelerating hard and thinking about how to save someone’s grandmother from a possible broken hip. You can bleed to death quickly from a broken hip if the femoral artery gets severed from the broken bone.

So I thought why am I having a flashback to some stupid dream. We rounded the corner and there in the big double windows to the rear of the rig was this place I had only been to before in a dream. I felt bile creep up in my throat as we accelerated away and the intersection revealed itself.

I don’t know why I dreamed of this place, but in the dream we pulled up in our car and I looked to my wife and said, when it happens remember the wind direction and that ____(don’t want to give away where I live) is right over there, and pointed to the chem-factory.

The point is I have dreamed precognitivly before, and hope that I am not doing that with this other dream.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 02:46 AM
What do I think it means? You care about your family very much. I imagine you are talking about spouse and kids, those you feel responsible for, protectors of... Or maybe it is the same feeling, but for parents you do a lot for. Either way, the most important thing in your life, you feel as if it's almost your entire life purpose (at that point in time). Whenever you dream that they are in trouble, it's going to feel awful like that, and your subconcious is going to convey your apprehensions as such.

Anyway, that's my guess. Your family is very important to you, and deep down you worry that something could happen to them. Maybe you are worried about the world itself and them being in it, maybe it is something more specific and on a much smaller scale...

Why are you having these dreams? Why not? If your family and the world's problems are on your mind, only makes sense to have this kind of dream.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 05:35 AM
I have had similar dreams in the past....
since childhood. one girl has come to me every once in awhile since I was about ten or so. she's a pretty dark haired girl, with very empty eyes, behind barbed wire. there are two possibilities for this, one is I am someone who was in the nazi german concectration camps in a former life. in one dream, I remembered what the place looked like in the dream, and well, it does have an uncanny resemblance to some pictures that are online of one of the camps. but, I am still kind of thinking that there will be some sort of slave camp here in america in my lifetime. and I will see that girl.

but, I will tell you of another one of these dreams if I may..
I was in a high up in one of the skycrapers in I have no idea what city...doesn't matter. there were warnings being broadcast over the loud speakers, there was a dangerous cloud coming in from the west, very toxic. we were being told to stay inside, and keep the windows shuts. somehow, this cloud was so dense, it was literally crushing the people who were in the street. so we were watching this cloud approach, and envolope our building. I opened the window, and reached out to the cloud...while everyone had a fit over what I was doing. even brought in a chunk of it....and crushed in in my hand. unaffected......
for a long time, I wondered about that stupid cloud and what it was, obviously it wasn't as dangerous and the warnings were leading the people to believe...although alot of people died from it....psychological?
well, now, I think I know what that cloud came from the west and spread to the east, with a crazed panic.....

the smoking bans?
I think all of these dreams are little tidbits of something that center around one theme. in this case, how that little girl gets behind the barbed wire. within that theme, I have had revelations about the social service system, the economy, how and why some of our abilitilies have been silenced and are no l onger usefull to us.....and the sm oking ban plays into is the sign that we have hit the tipping point...our economy and government policies has made it so that we are our brother's keeper, and if we are our brother's keeper, it is natural that we should also have the power over our brother to make sure that keeping him isn't too costly or too much a pain in the neck...

as time plays out, this feeling will only intensify and come to the point where well, since it much cheaper, and less of a pain in the neck to house our brothers in what is more like dormatories than homes, and well, put them to work....

but, well, guess the point I am making is that at least in my case...when you need to know what the dreams mean, you will know, no use in knocking yourself out for the meanings...

or maybe it just your body telling you to slow down?

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 08:00 AM
I have had a recurring dream since I was very young - probably 5 years old or so. I'm almost sure that it's a past life experience being remembered.

In the dream I am in England and I am a small child playing on a swing set in a park. My mother (not my mother in this life) is standing with two other women. they are all wearing 40's style skirts. Air raid sirens start going off. I look at my mother and she says "just keep playing and don't worry about it. Those things always go off and nothing happens'.

Then ... KABOOOOOM. Everything, including me, blows up.

I think I died as a small child back in WWII in England during a German air raid. And I think that is why I have that dream often, and have had it for my whole life.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 11:33 AM
I also have had reoccuring dreams for years in my past... which i do not have anymore. No idea why not anymore?

In my dream there is a bomb or explosive of some sort that is about to go off.... everybody is running away as far as posible and so am I but I keep stumbling, falling down, crawling unable to get up and run away further.... like i had no power to get up... and the dream would never go to the extend of the bomb going off... it would stop with me struggling. it was very strange and i do not understand the meaning of it to this day. I wish some1 could help me understand it.

Another reoccuring dream i had, which is really short, was me playing soccer with a metal ball full of spikes. And everytime i would hit it i would get penetrated deep by the spikes... this dream used to freak me out and i dont understand it eaither... very messed up.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 02:45 PM
Maybe your doing something wrong in your dream? You tend to keep doing the samething over and over, why not try something different for a change. Instead of riding a bike do everything in your power to get off the bike and save people. Instead of trying to find your family go help people.

posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 12:22 AM
You know, that is a good suggestion to do something different. This made me think. That is usually why it is recurring, because you have no idea you are dreaming as it happens. You get really caught up in it. It's funny, you think you would know you are dreaming, because you've seen it a dozen times, but that's not how it seems to work!

I still think the cause is a fear of something happening to the family in this case, then being unable to help, a fear of failure. Recurring dreams are rarely playgrounds for a dreamer to mess with I imagine, and they are never fun for me.

I think we can learn a lot from recurring dreams. Are they not the most difficult dreams to become lucid in? I mean that is what ensures they are always the same and thus recurring. You can't conciously mess with them on hardly any level.

posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 02:54 AM
I almost never remember my dreams anymore, but I used to a lot more, and I had a set of maybe half a dozen or so that I used to have all the time. Some scared me as a child, some were cool, and some were just weird. I haven't had any of them for several years. I don't have 'recurring' dreams as such, anymore, but all the dreams I have now fit one of two themes, and often both in one dream. I think it's probably rather common for people to have recurring dreams, but as to their significance, I have no idea.

posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 10:49 AM
1/22 Just had another dream at the same area, this one was near the lake house. There was a lot of anxiety in the dream and at one point I was going to warn my wife that this was one of my end of the world dreams, and remember thinking in the dream dont tell her it may scare her more.

That was a weird thought to have in a dream.

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