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Some Hi-Def Questions

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 03:13 PM
I am in pursuit of some information surrounding High Definition capabilities with my television and other aspects that I would be using it for.

For Christmas, my girlfriend surprised me with a new 42' flat screen Plasma Television. It is high definition capable. On Friday I am picking up a HD box for my digital cable and the channels. I've come to understand what I need to do to watch standard television while enjoying a hi-def feed.

But what still has me scratching my head is stuff like, DVD's, Gaming, etc.

I've seen new movies that are labeled HD DVD's, but I've also seen on some movies that they are HD capable. The DaVinci Code for one, I have noticed has the tag on the back. Would the regular, run of the mill, DVD player give off a HD feed when I am watching this movie?

What of the xbox360? Do I need to purchase something extra for it to come through an HD feed? Or will the console and the television be enough?

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