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UFO wormhole?

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 06:53 PM
It doesn't seem to be a missile to me.

If it is a wormhole, I'd think it was a test done by humans, rather than extraterrestrials. I just feel like, why would they be using wormholes out in the open NOW, when they haven't before now as far as anyone knows, and just might have better technology than to need to use a wormhole.

That's just my opinion, however.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 07:03 PM
The problem is, no one realy knows if wormholes actualy exist or not. They are theoretical fisures in the fabric of the space time continum. They would open and close at the speed of light (theoreticly) and who knows what would happen if one opened up inside the atmosphere of a planet.

posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 10:33 PM
Nothing out of the ordinary in that video. I've seen at least 20 tests growing up near VAFB (you can't miss them, as they rattle the windows in your house). This one looks pretty much like a normal missile test, other than the fact it's going sideways rather than up. Some did, and they usually blew 'em up shortly thereafter.

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 11:17 PM
Hmmmm... The requested URL /video-missile-test-ufo-wormhole-.php was not found on this server.

Kinda funny no? I saw the video earlier today and didn't know what to think about it, so I figured I'd show it to my stepdad, as he knows alot about these things. Why was the video taken down?

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 11:29 PM
It's still there (just checked) You're clicking on the wrong (original) link.

Go through the first page of this thread and find the corrected link a few posts down.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 12:28 AM
Many thanks, my step dad has gone to bed already though, I will show him the video tomorrow. Maby he can come to some sort of conclusion. My mom and I have already told him about the video (as she and I have seen it), and he is really interested. Once again thank you for pointing us in the right direction.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by eaglewingz

Originally posted by chris01621
[The reason being that I don't see any form of propulsion coming from the back end of it, it's just a white dot and it does seem to be gliding more than anything...

That's because it's high in the atmosphere and pointing away from the observer. Not to mention the fact that at the point where the trail ends is a stage separation. The upper stages are less visible as flame.

The same view happens at a Shuttle launch. Sure, right after launch you have a huge fire and smoke plume. But once the boosters and tank drop off, the second stage ignites, and the Shuttle turns downrange, all you see is a smoothly moving point of light.

And no, DraconianKing it's not a fake video. It's a perfectly genuine shot of a (most likely) Minotaur missle launch.

Here's a still photo I found from another thread that shows the exact same appearance as the vid. It's a copyrighted piece, so I can't put it up here.

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EW here has already pretty much givien us the conclusion if you click his link here.
Although it looks quite spectacular, it is of earth origins...

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 09:55 PM
Those are some interesting photographs, I agree, this vid is probably not alien but it does look neat.

It would be nice to compare this to another missile test though, anyone ever seen other videos like this ?

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 04:47 PM

Originally posted by Airyphyla
well, it cant be a missile, like they say on the site.
i dont know what it is either.

Well actually ... yes it can and is

Full Explanation here by Internos

More here

Similar launch in Russia

Minuteman III missile was launched from Vandenberg AFB
September 19th, 2002

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posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 12:41 AM
A Tesla Energy Prototype.
To spin a beam of electricity around the globle.
Spanked enough times the beam will be going fast enough to spark a total blanket grid around the globe in the Tesla says, free energy in the air like Radio and TV.

It seems they cannot get a total revolution...yet.

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