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The Perfect New Years Celebration!!!!!!!!

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 04:07 AM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'........ So I says to myself, Self? What would be the perfect New Years Eve celebration?

Hmmmmmm................ The perfect celebration, the perfect celebration.......hmmmmmm

C'mon brain, do some good thinkin' here......

Dick Clark? Watched him forever and love the guy, but man kinda painful to watch. I know I can count down 20 seconds without missing a second or two..... Even my wife said "I've seen alot of Dick, but that's the worst Dick I've ever seen.".
Nope, not perfect.

Noise makers and fancy paper hats? Hmmmmm..... Let's see. I look like a leprechaun on steroids when I wear one of those fancy paper hats, and those tootin' noise makers..... When someone blows one of those in my face and all I smell is booze and barf and stuff..........Nope, not perfect.

Saddam swingin'? Hmmmmm...... Now that man is a wild partier! Well I'd rather wear one of those fancy paper hats and stuff rather than partyin' like that!

A big fancy ball droppin' in NY. Midnight? What's up with that? Hey! What about my time zone?! Try makin' it till midnight when you start drinkin' and stuff at 10 in the mornin', and that fancy ball is a couple hours ahead of you.....Nope, not perfect.

C'mon brain, I need you now! Hmmmm.......

Hmmmmmmm................. the perfect celebration.........

C'mon brain, you better start thinkin' good, or next time I pick my nose I'm gonna shove my pinky up there and stab you!

Hold on!!!!! I got it!

Oh brain, I love you! This is some darn good thinkin'!

The perfect New years Celebration would be at 4:00 in the afternoon! It would have a Master Of Ceremonies called Santa Bunny! There would be Football on all day! Nice crispy bacon would be served all day! Instead of those tootin' noisemakers, everyone would have tubas! Yep, those big fancy wrap around you tubas! Man! That would be so cool! Thousands of people all blowin' those tubas at the same time - it would be like a 10 on the Richter scale and stuff!

Wait! There's more!!!!!!

The person who counts down would be that guy in the wheelchair - Hawking - at least I can understand him!

And like we could have those things that horses wear called "feed bags" That way when people do their barfin' and stuff, it would just go in that feedbag and not on the street.

Now this is a celebration!

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