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Brief Idea Concept Publication: Police Helicopter Electromagnetism

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posted on Jan, 2 2007 @ 01:39 AM
Idea: Could the police use an electromagnet attached to the bottom of a police helicopter to pick up the vehicles of runaway motorists?

Power SourceThe generator would consist of little more than a magnetic attached to the vertical “pole” that drives the helicopter blades. If this (attached) magnet rotated within a copper coil, a direct current would be produced and this could power the electromagnets attached beneath the helicopter.
The advantage with my idea is that it won’t kill people, but will recover criminals inside their vehicles.

Operation The police would need to be careful that other vehicles were not to close to the pursued vehicle. But thankfully (by virtue of the laws of physics) the power range of magnets tends to weaken dramatically with distance.
The police helicopter would of course need to be careful about things like power lines; but consideration of things like these effect all police helicopters anyway.

Comment: I would love to watch a TV and see a speeding criminal being chased by a police helicopter lowering in with my invention.
Of course if I had my way the magnetic would be switched once it reaches the nearest suitable supply of water (like a lake or an ocean); however I doubt this would go down very well with liberal criminal human rights activists.

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