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Terrorists brewing down under?

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posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 05:17 AM
Yeah, saw the same story on the news tonight - they said that some of these rocket launchers were sold to Lebanese gangs in Sydney to use in a "turf" war....god help the innocents in the crossfire. It sgood to see these Lebanese youth growing up in australia with australian values and assimilating.....NOT.

Bloody get me upset!

Anyway, back on topic.....the Feds reckon that one or sum, not sure of these rocket launchers got into the hands of a suspected terrorist, and they know who or what the potential target is.

The point here is...they didnt say that they had arrested the potential terrorist, they only said they knew of him and what his target his.

My point now is, that until they say they have arrested him, whats to say that ASIO wont let him continue with his plan and take out his target as our "big terrorist event", so to speak?

Just wait abit, I reckon they will let something happen and then make up the false evidence to show that they were trying to apprehend the suspect.

Our government must think we are just soooo gullible !

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 09:02 PM
Here's sum more info relating to an Australian citizen fighting with the insurgency in Iraq - hot of the press -

Titled - Australian citizen 'arrested in Iraq'
Saturday Jan 6 06:26 AEDT

Quote -" An Australian citizen has been arrested in Iraq on suspicion of conspiring to commit terrorist acts.

The Weekend Australian says Warya Kanie, 39, an Iraqi Kurd, came to Australia about three years ago with his young daughter as part of the humanitarian refugee program to join his three brothers, who were already living in Adelaide.

Mr Kanie, who had divorced his wife, was living in a housing trust apartment on unemployment benefits and receiving additional benefits as a single father.

A member of the Australian Iraqi community, who spoke to The Weekend Australian on condition of anonymity, said Mr Kanie was a Sunni and "had extremist views". "

Not bad huh? Come to this country as a refugee, then shaft us by going back and fighting for your country again, Either your an Australian or your not, regardless where you are from. This really peeves me off (as many things tend to do these days), If you come to this country, consider yourself lucky if you are a refugee that we allowed you in in the first place and your loyalties should befall this country no matter what AGREED?

I myself came as an immigrant when 2-3 years old and no matter what happens here, I will never leave this country, even to go overseas for a holiday coz this wide brown land we got, yeah it may be dry, but its still the best place on earth and theres no where I'd rather be.....

so if you wanna come here, and then take off to your former home country to fight for whatever reason, you have committed yourself as a traitor to this nation and should be refused entry again.

Once an Aussie, allways an Aussie. All those nationalities didnt fight and die at the battle of Eureka and our ANZAC's so people could abuse the freedoms we have today.......our government included!

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 04:18 AM
Someone supplied a link earlier about a guy arrested for stealing rocket launchers from the Australian Army. Well, this bloke has been refused bail and rightly so. Also, there is more to the story. The terrorist that he was supplying has spoken about targeting Parliment House and the Nuclear Plant.

Link below. Freaky stuff.

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