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Newz Forum: OTHER: CYCLING: Pound says doping issue spells danger for sport's future

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posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 06:54 AM
The current doping scandal that is rocking the Tour de France has some worried about the future of the sport of cycling. In America, the sport has finally been catching on a bit after 7 years of Lance winng the prestigious event, but all of that may change now with this going on. Americans are certainly aware of drug scandals in sports, and won't be eager to pick up a new sport with a fresh drug scandal.

Yahoo! Sports Story Link

Cycling must take action over doping in the sport or risk losing future competitors, the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said on Sunday.

"The image of your sport and right now your flagship event (the Tour de France) is in the toilet and you've got to do something about it or the risk is that your sport will be ignored by everybody, marginalized by others and it won't be sport any more," WADA chairman Dick Pound said on BBC Radio.

"Under these circumstances, if I had a child who showed some potential in this I'd say 'it appears that if you want to get to the top of this sport you've got to use all these drugs and why don't we find some other sport for you'," he added.

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