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Newz Forum: OTHER: Sex industry expecting World Cup bonanza

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posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 02:56 PM
I thought the headline might grab your attention. I hadn't realized that prostitution was legal in Germany. Not that it's changing my travel plans any. I wonder if this will lead to any marriage problems?

Fox Sports Story Link

As soccer's best players prepare to square off this summer at the World Cup, businesses across Germany are anticipating a huge windfall with the arrival of an estimated 1 million fans from around the world.

The sex industry is no exception.

Just down the street from Berlin's Olympic Stadium, which hosts the final, stands the city's largest brothel, Artemis - established in September with an eye on capitalizing on the influx of World Cup visitors.

The €6.5 million (US$8 million) 4-storey, 40-bedroom bordello is decorated with liberal doses of faux animal prints and velvet on beds, walls and furniture, amid an eclectic mix of Greek and Roman statuary under Moorish arches.

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