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Newz Forum: OTHER: Department of Homeland Security, Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, Maurice Clarett plu

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posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 12:52 PM
When the world of sports intersects with the world of politicians and posers, things always get interesting. Consider just a few examples here: The Washington DC City Council - the ones who represent the city that has been starved for baseball and rejoiced at its return last Spring - has yet to find a way to do the deal that got MLB to put the team there. The incumbent mayor is not running for re-election and at least four of the council members have mayoral aspirations. If a major corporation tried to do what they are doing, it would be reported as a 'bait and switch' operation on the local news - if it were a 'Sweeps Month'.

The New Orleans City Council obviously has resolved all the problems of municipal reconstruction and restoration in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. They found time to pass a resolution - unanimously so you know it was critically important - calling for Saints' owner, Tom Benson, to seriously consider hiring Doug Williams as the next coach of the Saints. I wonder if half those council members would know a screen pass from a screen door.

Dr. Myles Brand reportedly told the NCAA convention in Indianapolis earlier this week that the NCAA 'will become even more aggressive commercially, something that is appropriate as long as it's done within the principles of higher education.' Even more aggressive commercially? Maybe that means increasing the number of bowl games from 28 to 35? Maybe that will allow billboards along the sides of the Road to the Final Four? I noticed that he did not give a half dozen cogent examples of what would be commercially aggressive 'within the principles of higher education'.

A member of the Texas State Legislature has formally asked the University of Texas to retire Vince Young's number in light of Young's leading the Longhorns to the national championship this year. I have a better idea, why not just give up your seat and let Young fill it for you?

Lost in the euphoria of Vince Young's sterling performance last week is the fact that Texas safety, Michael Huff, won the defensive MVP Award for the Rose Bowl. That is noteworthy because Huff has a stepbrother, Marcus King, who won the defensive MVP award in this year's Independence Bowl. Given this family's defensive proclivities and prowess, maybe the Department of Homeland Security should be asking them for advice?

The Internet is abuzz with rumors that Chad Johnson got into a 'physical altercation' with WR coach, Hue Jackson, and head coach, Marvin Lewis, at halftime of the Bengals' loss to the Steelers last weekend. Supposedly, the issue was that not enough passes were directed toward Johnson. Maybe it happened and maybe it didn't; there isn't any videotape to confirm or deny the rumor that has surfaced yet. Of course, Johnson denies the rumors and the Bengals' coaches have been silent on the rumors. Sadly, that fuels the fire for this story. Sadly, we have come to live in an age of conspiracy theory wherein the absence of evidence becomes proof positive. Aristotle is weeping somewhere...

The Eagles have given Drew Rosenhaus permission to find a trade for Terrell Owens. Frankly, I suspect that this search will be less about finding a trade for Owens than it will be about finding a team willing to give Owens a contract to Rosenhaus' liking once the Eagles release Owens in March. Unless of course the Eagles pay Owens the roster bonus he is owed and then trade Owens to another team meaning that Owens is still bound by the current contract... You know Rosenhaus does not want that to happen because the only way for him to collect any commission from Owens is to get him a new contract since Rosenhaus didn't negotiate the current deal. Unfortunately, the Terrell Owens saga is not over yet.

Oh, by the way, when I suggested recently that Denver might be a landing place for T.O. because Mike Shanahan has a history of trying to incorporate some problem cases onto his squad, I left out Dale Carter as another of the Shanahan-attempted rehab projects. A long-time reader offered that addition; thank you, I had forgotten about Carter.

Speaking of problem children and rehab cases, the names Maurice Clarett and Marcus Vick come to mind immediately. Two observations here:

1. Too bad Clarett's charges are in Ohio while Vick's are in Virginia; if they could play on the same prison team, that might be a pretty formidable squad at that level of competition.

2. Normally, when an NFL scout says on his report that a QB 'has a real gun', it is a very positive statement. In the case of Marcus Vick however...

T. Boone Pickens was famous/infamous in the 1980s as a corporate raider who initiated attempts to buy out several large oil companies. He does not do that anymore but he does have a boatload of money. He just donated $165M to the Oklahoma State University athletic department. It will be used across the board to assist all of the OSU athletic programs and endeavors. Obviously, this will upgrade facilities there but players - not facilities - win games and one thing will not change; OSU will remain in Stillwater Oklahoma.

With about 40% of the NBA season over and you really need not start paying attention yet there are some interesting things to see when you look at the standings. The Houston Rockets, the LA Lakers, the Utah Jazz and Toronto Raptors all have better road records than they do home records. In the cases of the cellar-dwelling Raptors and Rockets the difference is huge:

Home Away

Toronto 4-13 7-11
Houston 3-10 9-11

Finally, the perennially disappointing NY Knicks supposedly got this bit of inspiration from Coach Larry Brown on New Years Day:

'I told them we're bowl eligible. We got seven wins.'

But don't get me wrong, I love sports... ... ...



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