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Newz Forum: OTHER: Al Davis, Marcus Vick, Vince Young, Thomas Hearns plus more...

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posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 12:46 PM
Whether it's stand-up comedy or Wall Street investing, they say timing is everything. Yesterday, I said that if Marcus Vick didn't have a famous brother, we'd find it easier to identify him as a thug. That was yesterday morning. As if on cue, sometime later in the day, Marcus Vick turned himself in to the Suffolk (Va) County magistrate's office after three arrest warrants were issued for him on charges that he 'brandished a firearm at three teenagers during an altercation in the parking lot of a McDonald's restaurant Sunday night.' According to the account in the Washington Post this morning, a person 'close to Vick' said 'the teenagers were taunting him and that Vick showed the gun to scare (them).' If taunting by three teenage boys is going to get Vick The Younger to react like that, I wonder how he might react to comments by fans when he is the visiting QB. I'm sure this incident will improve his draft status...

For yet another confirmation that timing is everything, consider the item above and then recognize that today is Peculiar People Day - a day when we are asked to recognize and celebrate 'uniquely different people'. What more is there to say...?

Vince Young has declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft in April giving air to stories and reports about who will take him and when and how great he may or may not be in the NFL. He did not ask my advice and counsel on this decision so I'll announce here the advice I would have given him had he asked me:

Vince, you are an exceptional athlete and a man who has shown the ability to lead and inspire teammates. Nonetheless, you need to stay at Texas for another season because there is a serious flaw in your game.

Your repertoire of touchdown celebrations is severely lacking and you need time to ponder the theme and the social significance of the celebrations you plan to perform at the next level. A year of reflection and contemplation on those matters along with tutelage from the coordinator of the UT dance squad would propel you to even greater heights in the NFL.

The return of 80-year old Marv Levy to the front office of the Buffalo Bills as the GM or president of football or whatever gave me an idea. If Levy can do this at his advanced age, why can't Al Davis take off that ridiculous disco suit he wears and put a whistle around his neck and go coach the Raiders? At least then, Davis will have a coach in place who will do precisely what the Raiders' managing general partner wants the coach to do.

The New Orleans Saints are in the process of hiring a new coach. That's sort of like the shipping company that had owned the Titanic looking to hire a new captain about 20 minutes after the encounter with the iceberg. There is a report that the Saints have made contact with Pat Hill; he is the coach at Fresno State in case you had never heard of him. I know that Fresno State has flourished under his direction in the past few seasons; they made it into the top 25 for at least part of last season. However, the fact that the Saints made this contact tells me that the single most important thing for a Saints' coaching candidate to bring to the job is this:

He's got to be willing to work cheap.

The next time someone tells you about how the NFL coaching fraternity is 'racist', ask them to explain this one. Mike Sherman went 4-12 with the Packers and that was his first losing season. He got fired and is looking for work as we speak. Herm Edwards went 4-12 with the Jets (giving him an NFL career head coaching record of 39-41). Edwards moved from the Jets to the Chiefs and got a raise of about $1M per year. I don't begrudge Edwards that position in the least; I do note however that coaching decisions are probably most often made on the basis of 'personal contacts' and 'friendships' and not always on the basis of race.

Eldrick Woods took the time to explain to folks who visit his website why he chose not to play in some tournaments in Hawaii this month. He says he needs some time away from golf and that he needs a break. That reminds me of the pro fishing guy who 'retired' a couple of months ago. I wondered then what a pro fisherman does in retirement; most people retire to go fishing more often. Maybe the fishing guy will play golf while Eldrick goes fishing?

There is another interesting news item related to golf that might have something to do with Eldrick feeling the need to skip a few tournaments. ABC will give up its coverage of golf after this year. ABC has declined to bid on the new PGA TV contract, which starts in 2007. For the past couple of years, there has been a highly significant correlation between golf's TV ratings and the presence/absence of the top-shelf players. And now the top-shelf players are playing in fewer and fewer events. As everyone here knows, I am not a big fan of golf and I do not enjoy golf on TV, but put that aside; this is very bad news for the sport itself. This is what happened to tennis 15 or 20 years ago; it was hugely popular and then the 'star players' stopped playing so often and managed to tank a few tournaments after they collected their appearance fees leaving fans to watch less attractive players in subsequent rounds. And you see where tennis is today in the sporting firmament...

Thomas 'Hitman' Hearns is making a boxing comeback at age 47. A few months ago, he won his first fight on the comeback path knocking out someone I never heard of and probably never will again - unless he chooses to be the punching bag for yet another superannuated boxer trying to make a comeback. It seems as if Hearns is chomping at the bit for more ring action because the latest news has him winning a decision over his 13-year old son. Police in Michigan were summoned to Hearns' home recently and found the son with a cut over the eye and a bruise; Michigan law requires an arrest if there is an injury associated with a domestic violence incident and so 'Hitman' became 'Cuffedman' and had to post bail to go home again.

Finally, recalling that Maurice Clarett - like Marcus Vick - is also involved with some charges that involve the improper 'presentation' of a firearm, here is a comment from Mike Bianchi in the Orlando Sentinel regarding Messr. Clarett:

'People in Ohio still are paying money to see Maurice Clarett. Except now they are doing it at gunpoint...'

But don't get me wrong, I love sports... ... ...


[Edited on 17/1/06 by TRD]


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