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Newz Forum: OTHER: Letters from fans part of bankruptcy auction

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posted on Apr, 20 2005 @ 07:30 PM
Here's one to file under seird sports stories. How did the collectibles company come into possession of these lettes, anyway?

Source: ESPN

A Florida company has a 5-pound box of unopened mail sent by fans of the former Buccaneer, The Tampa Tribune reported in Wednesday's editions.

Kincaid Auction Co. will sell materials from PSC Collectibles, a sports memorabilia distributor that filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The auctioneers are checking whether they can legally sell the letters.

"Of course, under our license, we can't do anything that's against the law," Randy Kincaid told the paper. "But we feel quite certain that [the box of fan mail addressed to Sapp] is legitimately owned by the party we got it from."

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