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Newz Forum: SOCCER: Manager Brian Talbot was attacked in a skirmish among Iraqis in Manchester

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posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 07:46 AM
Oldham manager Brian Talbot was attacked after he was caught up in a skirmish outside a polling station for the Iraq election.

He was passing the polling station in Manchester on his way to Oldham's FA Cup match against Bolton. As he passed, fighting had broken out between rival groups of Iraqis and one of them was accidentally struck by Talbot's car.

A mob of more than 20 then surrounded his car, smashing its windows and assaulting Talbot. An Oldham spokesman told BBC GMR radio: "Brian was very shaken up and his car was in a right state.

"But he has made it to the game and he just wants to get on with the match now.

"He was told he did not have to come if he did not feel up to it but he insisted on being here.

"The players were shaken as well, but hopefully they will want to go out there and do it for the manager now."

The fighting broke out after a group of around 200 demonstrators began protesting against the election. They clashed with voters who support the election. A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police described the skirmish as "a minor incident", which was now under control.


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