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Newz Forum: FOOTBALL: Hyper Bowl I: Parity vs. Dynasty

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posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 02:31 PM
Long before the Dallas dynasty had no rival in the '90s, there was the "Dallas"/"Dynasty" rivalry of the '80s.

Today, the very lifeline of the dynasty is at stake, as parity runs amok in the NFL. These are dire days, indeed, for the status quo.

Enter the heroes. Who else but the Tom Brady and New England Patriots have come to save the day and ensure that parity doesn't have the last laugh, at least for the time being?

Fast forward to next Sunday. Super Bowl XXXIX, Patriots and the Eagles will be more than super. There's too much at stake. It will be a game for the ages, a battle of historic proportions and hyperbolic implications.

Pardon the exaggeration, but this is the Hyper Bowl.

Consider the facts. Tom Brady is on the cusp of becoming the biggest star in American Sport. In just four seasons as the New England starter, Brady has twice been named Super Bowl MVP (2001, 2003) and led the NFL in touchdown passes (2002) while amassing a staggering 56-14 record. Football is our nation's most celebrated sport, and the Super Bowl is the most watched event in American television, a "production" of global proportions. A franchise that wins three Super Bowls in four years is - by definition - a dynasty, and the undeniable leader of the dynasty is the quarterback. America loves a winner. More importantly, America loves a winning quarterback, especially one who's a golden boy. Quite simply, America loves Tom Brady.

Somehow though, the unpredictable state of parity predicts an Eagle victory over the heavily favored Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. Recent history warns against expectation of a New England dynasty and the attendant transformation of Brady into America's first Superman - or Hyperman - since Michael Jordan himself.

We all remember how the dynasty-destined Rams dropped the ball against Brady's bunch just two years ago. And how could we forget that two laughing-stock franchises (the Patriots and the Buccaneers) and two relocated organizations (the Rams and the Ravens) comprise the past five Super Bowl winners?

It's no joke: An Eagles victory over the Patriots is the logical next step in parity's conquest of the NFL.

If, however, Brady can defy parity, he will achieve legendary status as the leader of a dynasty and as a bona fide sports celebrity. The only force of nature left to overcome would be the fall of his empire.

This Sunday, it's not just the Patriots versus the Eagles. It's the proverbial indestructible force versus the immovable object, parity versus dynasty, and something has to give.

When the final whistle blows, either a dynasty of Patriotism or a sardonic era of parity will be upon us. So get hyped. Get hyper. After all, the only thing calm about the Hyper Bowl will be Tom Brady.

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 01:43 PM
dean, I feel you're going to get your hoped for dynasty.

Personally, I prefer parity, but I'm PC...

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