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Newz Forum: SOCCER: Station rebukes Marsh for comments

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 07:47 PM
LONDON -- An English sports commentator was fired Tuesday for making a joke about the tsunami disaster.

Former English soccer player Rodney Marsh made the comment Monday night during a phone-in program on Sky Sports. A Sky spokesman said Marsh apologized on the air for the comments, which were edited when the program was retransmitted.

In his comments, Marsh jokingly said Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham turned down a transfer to the English club Newcastle after hearing of trouble with the "Toon Army in Asia."

Supporters of Newcastle are called the "Toon Army," which sounds similar to the word "tsunami."

"During the live nighttime phone-in, Rodney made comments that were offensive and inexcusable," Sky said in a statement. "These remarks should never have been made, and Sky would like to offer its apologies to those who were offended."

A former striker for Queens Park Rangers, Manchester City and Fulham, Marsh was a regular sports commentator with Sky, Britain's satellite broadcaster.



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