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posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 12:03 AM
NFL Wild card weekend has come and gone, and here's how it all went down:

Herm (Edwards) beat Marty (Schottenheimer), Tony (Dungy) beat Mike (Shanahan), Mike (Martz) beat Mike (Holmgren), and Mike (Tice) beat Mike (Sherman). Once again, that's Herm over Marty, Tony over Mike, Mike over Mike, and Mike over Mike...

In a development that's threatening to tear the very fabric of colloquial American ideology, reports out of New Jersey are that the back of the bus might not be cooler than the front of it. As the Jets backed into the playoffs on a two-game losing streak, head coach Herm Edwards offered a fresh perspective on the issue. "Some people get on the bus and get on the front. Some people get on the bus and get on the back," he explained. "Well we're on the bus - that's all that matters." And with a shocking wild card win over the Chargers, Herm and the Jets (11-6) will ride into Pittsburgh (15-1) this weekend with one goal in mind: Stay on "the Bus"...

During the Chargers/Jets wild card game on ABC this past Saturday, broadcasting icon Al Michaels noted that San Diego fullback Lorenzo Neal carries the ball "very occasionally." As for me, I like to write sometimes. Very sometimes...

The Patriots (14-2) are hobbling into their divisional playoff against Peyton Manning and the pass-happy Colts (13-4) without their two starting cornerbacks, Ty Poole and Ty Law, both of whom are on injured reserve. Without the Tys around to wrap up Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and the Indianapolis thoroughbreds, many think the New England defense will come undone this Sunday, but don't count on it - the Pats are 8-1 without Law and Poole in the starting lineup. And if there's a loose end in this game, it's the Indianpolis defense...

When a quarterback changes the play aloud at the line of scrimmage, it's called an "audible." But what about when a quarterback signals a new play with hands? Is that a "visible"?

It's lived through a World War, endured the merger, outlasted disco and survived Y2K. Perhaps the longest-standing standard in major professional sports, Sammy Baugh's single-season record of 51.4 yards per punt turned 64 last Sunday. Set in 1940, Baugh's mark defies more than evolution - it contradicts common sense. But how has the former Redskin's record survived when equipment, conditioning and humans themselves have been evolving and - presumably - improving in every facet over the past six decades and change? Was the ball juiced back in 1940? Was Sammy that good? Or did the Texas native boot with a steel toe? Or, better yet, was it the shoes? It's gotta be the shoes...

Five wins, two majors and a number one world ranking in 2002. Five wins, no majors and a number one world ranking in 2003. One win, no majors and a number two world ranking in 2004. The numbers speak for themselves, but just how far has Tiger Woods fallen over the past three years? All the way down to number two in the world - not very far, indeed. But has Tiger lost his flair for domination after an exhausting 264-week run in the top spot? Maybe, but don't blame it on his short game. Woods has seen his putting average improve from 83rd (1.766) in 2002 to 10th (1.732) in 2003 to second (1.724) this past year. So while the proof might be in the pudding, whatever that means, it's certainly not in the putting...

As far as Carmelo Anthony knows, he's a "better person" for enduring a tumultuous off-season that included an arrest for marijuana possession, a bar-room brawl and an Olympic-sized benching in Athens. "I have to watch how I dress," preached the Nuggets forward. "I gotta be more cautious now." So the next time you get caught with dope, kicked out of a club and benched in one summer, just remember: If you watch your wardrobe, you'll be a better man for it all. I'm Dean Christopher...


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